Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix

By: J.K Rowling

All about Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

In this fictional story, Harry Potter is getting weird nightmares after going to a hearing for the Ministry of Magic for use of magic outside of school. Harry Potter is the main character of the series and this story which he is: a student at Hogwarts: School of Magic, has brown hair, is good at the magical game called Quidditch, is the person who killed and resurrected the evil Lord Voldemort or antagonist who killed Harry Potter's parents and gave him a scar shaped like a lighting bolt, and Harry is famous. Also Harry is a nice and caring person. After being a snake and biting someone in a dream that actually happened after the dream, Harry realizes that the nightmares that he has been having about a room where there are floating orbs of glass and Lord Voldemort were REAL! After another night of that same nightmare, Harry saw his godfather being tortured so, like the hero he was, went with a team of friends to rescue him. When the team arrived back where the seemingly tortured godfather was, there was nothing there... IT WAS A TRAP! Death eaters ambushed them while Harry found a secret prophecy about himself and the dark lord. Trying to escape, just Harry and his friend Neville find themselves in a gigantic room where the Death eaters found them, but... the Order of the Phoenix comes out of no where and starts to duel with the Death eaters. Streams of light zoom all over the room. Will Harry be able to escape with the prophecy before Voldemort steals it and listens to it?



"J.K. Rowling is the real magician... Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is rich and satisfying in every respect."

-John Leonard, The New York Times Review

"Rowling has once again created a fully-fledged world, and for the experience of being there with Harry, HP5 can't be beat."

-Horn Book


Most of my classmates and even my teachers have read and reread the Harry Potter series because they all like the books. One of my friends have even reread the series six times! (I even got hocked onto the series because of how popular and awesome the books were!)


Have you ever wanted to walk through walls or change items to other items just with a flick of a wrist? Have you ever wanted to fly into the sky or hex your rivals? Well in this fabulous book you can experience all of your wildest dreams in magic!


Favorite Part (spoiler alert)

My favorite part of the story was when Albus Dumbledore and Lord Voldemort were fighting each other. This was my favorite part because its cool to "see" the most powerful dark wizard fight the most powerful "good" wizard. Also it is cool to "see" each persons way of fighting in magic.


I recommend this book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, because it can bring out the imaginative side of people (which a lot of people need) and it can make you laugh/ have fun while you read like it made me. I think readers would really like all the action there is in this book. It is the best book I have ever read!


Harry stands there with a morbid expression etched onto his pale face as a pair of blood red, slits of eyes stares at him with a wand pointed at his chest and a shriek of high pitched laughter cuts through the air...