Staffing 2023

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27 October 2022

Kia ora ma whanau o te kura Kotuku Lauriston,

As we enter the final term for 2022, we have begun to formalise our planning and preparation for 2023.

Next year there are some changes across the team which we are delighted to confirm now that we are in a position to communicate this information and update our whanau and community.

As you will no doubt remember, 2022 saw the resignation of Miss Imogen Taylor following one year's maternity leave and her decision to return to Dunedin to be closer to family.

This coupled with Miss Nerina's recent move to live and seek work in Christchurch, and the decision by Mrs Wendy Atkinson, our current Mt Somers Year 5-6 teacher to resign from her full-time teaching responsibilities at the end of 2022, brought about two vacancies that needed to be filled READY for 2023.

Mrs A (Wendy) has served our community as a full time teacher for over 20 years and has made a significant difference in the lives of hundreds of students at Lauriston School. In 2021, she made the decision to step down from her role as Deputy Principal and has been considering reducing her teaching hours or going part time over 2022. I am delighted to announce that Mrs A will not be leaving our school, but will be changing her role in 2023, to return to a much loved position that brought her back into the teaching profession after taking time out to raise her children. As such, Mrs A will be stepping into our Kaitakawaenga-Reading Recovery Role in 2023 which will continue the fine work already established by Mrs Elyse Adams to support both staff and students.

Mrs Elyse Adams who has championed the Kaitakawaenga-Literacy Support & Reading Recovery role for the previous 2 years, has decided that she would like to get back into the classroom and while unable to commit to a full time permanent role in 2023, has accepted an offer to teach part time Monday to Fridays in 2023 from 8.30am until 12.30pm, sharing the teaching space with me as a teaching Principal in 2023. As such, I will be teaching in Mt Winterslow in the afternoons next year - and in doing so I am supporting Elyse making her transition back into full-time teaching and strengthening the work already achieved in Structured Literacy within the Junior School as it makes its way up the Senior School. My return to teaching also creates opportunities to further develop Mrs A's Kaitakawaenga role in the school to sustain the support we have in place across the curriculum for Structured Literacy and Local curriculum for 2023.

As Principal, I have recently been awarded a Teaching Study Award for 2023 and will be on sabbatical leave in Term 2 of 2023, where I will be working on a book which details the educational leadership model and local curriculum that has helped put Lauriston School and the Opuke Kahui Ako on the map. During my absence, Mrs A will be stepping into the Mt Winterslow classroom every afternoon through Term 2, while Miss Georgie Turpie, our deputy principal and SENCO, will become acting Principal.

Miss Laura Twiss is moving up the school to become the new Mt Somers, Year 5-6 classroom teacher from 2023. Laura has more than proved herself to be a highly capable teacher over the past three years and has held significant Senior Management & leadership responsibilities for the duration of 2022, working with senior students, a role and responsibility which will continue in 2023.

This then meant that a replacement teacher was needed to be found in the Junior School for the Mt Hutt classroom in 2023, and so we are again delighted to be able to announce the employment of Miss Danielle Chalke for next year. Danielle is a strong beginning teacher who will benefit from the mentoring she will receive over 2023-2024 by her senior teacher, Miss Laura Twiss.

A brief biography about Danielle is included below:

Kia ora koutou,

My name is Danielle Chalke. I am very excited to be joining the Lauriston School community in 2023.

I was originally born in England, but moved to New Zealand at a young age. I have grown up in Lauriston for the majority of my life. So I am very happy to continue working in this area too!

I attended the University of Canterbury where I completed a Certificate in Sports Coaching and a Bachelor in Teaching and Learning (Primary), alongside a Personal Training Certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Being active, encouraging individuality, developing positive relationships, and learning within all areas and environments are all aspects that I am very enthusiastic about.

Having a learning space that goes further than inside the four walls of the classrooms is a passion of mine.

Using outside activities to strengthen learning by relating it to the lives of the students and making use of the amazing space that Lauriston School provides is something I look forward to as I begin my teaching journey in 2023.

I look forward to meeting all of the students, whānau and the wider community soon.

Ngā Mihi,

Danielle Chalke

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As we draw close to the end of the year, families will be wondering where their children will be placed for 2023. Staff are currently working on the classroom make up across our transitional pathway for 2023 and will be in a position to discuss this with families during our upcoming Whanau Hui in Week 7 and 8 of this term.

For now please see a summary of the staffing for 2023 as follows:

Staffing 2023

Kaihautu/Principal-Mr Colin Brodie

Kahukura Kaihautu/Deputy Principal-SENCO-Miss Georgie Turpie

Kahukura Kaiarataki/Lead Teacher-Miss Laura Twiss

Mt Alford-Miss Georgie Turpie Y0-1 Kaiako/Teacher

Mt Harper-Mr Jason Taylor Y1-2 Kaiako/Teacher

Mt Hutt-Miss Danielle Chalke Y3 Kaiako/Teacher

Mt Winterslow-Mrs Elyse Adams, Mr Colin Brodie Y4-5 Kaiako/Teachers

Mt Somers-Miss Laura Twiss, Y5-6 Kaiako/Teacher

Kaitakawaenga-Literacy Support Teacher, Reading Recovery-Mrs Wendy Atkinson

Release teachers-Mrs Julia Davey, Mrs Libby Chambers, Mrs Wendy Atkinson, Mrs Rosie Peck

Support Staff:

Tania Wallace-Kaiawhina/Teacher Aide

Heni Raroa-’Nan’-Kaiawhina/Teacher Aide

Trudy Tarbotton-Kaimahi/ Office Administrator

Gail Ballantine-Kaimahi/Cleaner

Jeff Nowell-Kaimahi/ Caretaker & Groundsperson

Nga mihi nui

Colin Brodie

Lauriston School Principal