egg drop thingy

by Connor Petty

define the problem

Mr. Landers gave us a problem of were we had to drop our egg off a 45 foot ladder and not break it. the only things we could us was 2 rubber bands,20 cm x 20 cm piece of cardboard,3 cotton balls,5 plastic straws,2 pieces of paper,5 packaging peanuts,50 cm of kite string,50 cm of tape,20 cm x 20 cm of plastic bag,2 Dixie cups,5 toothpicks,5 q-tips,and 3 Popsicle sticks

brain storm

we had an idea to put the egg in one cup then put packing peanuts around it then taped the one cup to the other. then we made a parachute out of a plastic bag. then taped string to the cups and bag

chose best idea