Thank you so much mommy and happy birthday and mothers day!

Have you ever heard of the best mom ever? Well now you have her name is Keely Amber Perry. My mom is the best mom ever because she gets me and my sister anything we want. She is nice to anyone she meets. She helps me and my sister with any kind of homework, even if she does not know it herself.

My mom never yells at me unless i am very bad which never happens. She will always help anyone she meets. She never lets anyone down. She always helps me with my trampoline tricks.She always helps me feel better when i am sick. That’s why my mom is the best mom in the world i love her to the moon and back!

Why i think you are the best mommy ever

i Love you so much!!!!

I love my mommy so much. I love her because she pervides me shelter and food. She works so hard for my family. My mom is awake every morning when i am not to go out and work, and i am asleep when she stops working. She comes home from work and makes food for the family.I love my mom so much