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Staff Mini Pack Update 12/4/2015

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Principal's Pen

Dear Scott Staff,

I hope you each had a fantastic week off. Isn't it interesting how many blessings life is full of when you have time to stop and enjoy the moments and the people you share life with? Make sure you actively enjoy each moment!

This blessing of time got me thinking about the essentials that help ensure you get the most out of your life while balancing your work and personal time. I wanted to share these with you.


"A life spent making mistakes is not only most honorable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing." -George Bernard Shaw

So true...if you aren't doing anything, you surely aren't doing anything that will make you happy.

Good friends

Friendship is the strongest source of developing a support system. Take time to let your friends know you enjoy being with them and depend on them.

Your culture

Each one of us has so much that is unique about us; make sure you take time to cherish and appreciate your culture. Connect to your unique culture by embracing the music, language, ceremonies, and traditions.


As part of the education system, we understand the necessity of studying, practicing, teaching, and developing an awareness of belonging to a community, neighborhood, religion, and the world. Having a sense of belonging is important to us all.

Don't miss anything

Make the effort to attend and explore everything you can. When you actively enjoy experiences and knowledge, it radiates off you.

Your family and inner-most circle

Invest in those closest to you; the way they will reciprocate will amaze you! Don't miss an opportunity to make a difference in someone's life. When you do, you create love and happiness in your own life! (Isn't Jennifer Foster a LIVING example of the power of making a difference in someone's life?)

I realize we all know and understand the essentials of a balanced, healthy life-but sometimes we need to be reminded of the importance of each essential.

I also would like to ask that each of you continue to lift JFO and her family up in thoughts, support, and prayer. We know that the hard work begins now - the kids and the whole family have a transition that will take place for a long time - a transition that will be hard and yet so rewarding. We've been privileged to watch a miracle take place this week. With that privilege comes great responsibility to continue to make sure this family is supported and successful! JFO knows she has an entire Scott village behind her ready and waiting to help.

I continue to be amazed at the wonderful things that happen in this building on a daily basis. This is who we are and what we stand for!

We appreciate you all!

Paige and Leanne

Staff Vacation Photos Needed

Please email Paige or Leanne with photos from your upcoming holiday break. We would like to include these in future mini packs. We can't wait to see where you go and what you do! (Otherwise we will find our own....Bwahhahahahah!)

The Only Way to Survive Being a Human Sundae!

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Special Shout Outs

  • Shout OUT to Whitney Zorn! She was invited to write curriculum for music!
  • Mini Pack Shout Julie Coalson and Lesha Stallons for doing the inventory and loading all the angel gifts.
  • A Big Howl to everyone that donated to JFO! What a blessing!
  • Way to go Emily Barnes! A little birdie said she is contacting parents often to keep them update on their student's growth.
  • A BIG HOWL to 4th grade! They had a fantastic collaborative learning session.
  • Big HOLLER to Kathy Stroud! Her son is getting married tonight!
  • Shout OUT to this ENTIRE staff for making this a GREAT place to work.
  • A big Holler to Angie Lamastra who is off celebrating her anniversary! Thinking of you...
  • A BIG thank you to Kelsey Goforth! We appreciate you being such a great member of our Scott team! You will be missed!

Kaci Scott says hello!

We have so much to be thankful for at Scott Elementary!

Holiday Happenings...

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