ant hill times

best of all times


navy water ants help free our colony from giants and anteaters.

Beatles are coming please help air ant force help us fight giants and ant eaters

are you tired of infomercials are you tired of of adds are you tired of me giving adds then i don't know just keep watching

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editorial to president.

when will the ant eaters stop the war?

I don't know but when they do we will gave peace.

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wow pictures from the reporter hairy Garry

look at these wonderful pictures that hairy Garry took

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panda ant buzzing into town

Prey: Feed on nectar

Looks:like a special colored velvet wasp

Bite side effects:painful and poisonous enough poison to kill a full cow

extra facts:It's a wasp in the Mutillidae family

Where They Live: Chile

ghost ants walking into town

prey:honey dew

Looks:dark head pale body and legs

Bite side effects:don't usually bite or sting

Extra Facts: if it's drinking red liquid its tail turns red

Where They Live: southern U.S.A

bulldog charging into town

preys:carpenter ants and bees

Looks:looks like a wasp got his wings ripped off

Bite side effects:venom in the fangs causes allergic reactions also anaphylaxis and anaphylaxis causes abdominal pain, vomiting, difficulty breathing, drop in blood pressure

Extra Facts:

Where They Live: Australia