Doss Library News

January 2021

Happy 2021, Dragon Nation and welcome back! I hope that all of you had a restful and happy winter break! I am also hopeful that we will see each other in person sooner rather than later--2021 has to be better, right?? I am excited to share with you the following library news and updates in this edition:

  • ABDO books link on LibGuide
  • Teacher Resource Lists and Class/Club Virtual Libraries
  • Mrs. Freeman's January Virtual Library
  • December Trivia Winner and January Trivia info
  • Library Re-Opening Plan
  • Teacher Resources: Inauguration Day, Trauma-Informed Teaching resources, Virtual Ice Breakers

Thank you for reading and please let me know how I can assist you and your students!

--Ashley Freeman-Sewell, LMS

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ABDO Books

Our ebooks collection has over 500 fabulous titles and up to this point, the collection has received over 300 views! Please continue to encourage students to check out this amazing resource on our LibGuide. We have also added some new ebooks via the ABDO Digital Bookshelf. There are some great titles available in the collection, including the extremely popular Hoop City series for your basketball fans. Students can access the ABDO collection via the LibGuide Welcome page and find the "ABDO Ebooks" link in the middle of the third column.

Teacher Resource Lists and Class/Club Virtual Libraries

There are many ways I can support you and your NTI classes in 2021 and I would like to highlight two: teacher resource lists and class/club virtual libraries. There are SO many teaching resources out there that it can be overwhelming figuring out where to start. Let me do some of the work for you by creating a resource list of books, websites, databases, apps and more customized to your content/classes! Here are a couple of example lists I created for Ms. Gosnell's AP Psychology class and Mr. Morris' Theater class: Ms. Gosnell's list / Mr. Morris' list.

I can also create a virtual library bookshelf based on our ebook collection that is customized for your club/organization or class. The bookshelf will include titles and book trailers that support your organization's goals or your class' curriculum. To see an example, check out the library I created for GSTA. Please keep in mind that I am limited to our e-collection books at this point, but I will do my best to find a variety of books that best fit your needs.

If you would like a resource list and/or a virtual library, please email me:

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January Virtual Library

Happy 2021!!! This month's virtual library includes info and links to:

  • New Year's Day history
  • How to make and keep resolutions
  • Science Fiction Day
  • Dr. King Day
  • Word Nerd Day
  • Inauguration Day
  • Chinese New Year
  • ALA Youth Media Awards
  • Thesaurus Day game
  • January trivia question (click on my Bitmoji)
  • January Books Spotlight

And more!!! Please visit the library by clicking here or you can also access via the LibGuide. Also, feel free to share the link in your Google Classroom!

December Library Trivia Winner and January Trivia Info

I am very grateful for the support you all have given in promoting our library trivia initiative! This is a great way to get physical copies of books in kids' hands while we can't have the school library open--and bonus, the winner gets to pick the book!!! Congrats to Justin McGaughey, our December trivia winner! Justin is a student in Mr. Probst's English class and he successfully answered the question: "Visit the December Virtual Library on the LibGuide and click on Mrs. Freeman's Bitmoji. What is the name of the slide this links to?" The correct answer is "The December Books Spotlight." Justin's book was mailed to him before the break. January trivia has been posted on the LibGuide Welcome Page at the top of the third column and it can also be accessed in the January Virtual Library by clicking on my Bitmoji. Students can win more than once, so former and new contestants are welcome!

Library Re-Opening Plan

Any feedback you have about the re-opening plan is appreciated--please email me!