Classical Conversations Week 16

To Know GOD and Make HIM Known

Photos needed!

Please be sure to email me a photo of your child. I originally asked for a full length picture, but I think a head shot would work better for the art project we are doing with them. If you already sent me your photo you do not need to send me another one. I will zoom in. Time is running short for this!! I need all photos before week 18 on February 22!! The photos will be used for the art project on week 18.

Lunch time clean-up

Please be sure to help with lunch clean-up if you stay for lunch. Essentials starts promptly at 1:00 and many of the Essential parents are doing the brunt of the lunch clean-up, making it difficult for them to get to class on time.
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Please remind your kids not to run in the fellowship hall or through the hallways. This is a safety concern. Many of those running are older boys and we have several young kids playing around the tables.

Classical, Christian Education

Homeschooling Through High School

"In classical education, we learn the grammar of a subject first, then we sort, classify, and understand the information, and finally, we ask the students to teach back or use the subject creatively. These three stages are called grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric stages. Modern educators have tossed out this idea. They concentrate on creative expression in the primary grades and then spend the rest of the time surveying content with the goal of making a competent score on a test.

If you pull out of classical education before high school, your student will have learned the grammar of the subjects and worked to understand it, but you will not be giving your student the opportunity to get to the good stuff - to use it: to solve real problems, to express themselves well, to write original essays, to enter into debate. It wold be like purchasing a gown, getting your hair and nails done, and rather than going to the prom, staying home and watching TV."

--Courtney Sanford, "All Dressed Up for the Prom, but Will You Go?"

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Parents, please be aware the you are in the classroom to help the tutor. Parents should be an active participant in class and helping the tutor with all kids, not just their own. Please help set up and clean up art and science, clean up after snack, help kiddos find geography points, help with review games and help with cleaning up at the end of class time (empty garbages, clean off tables, sweep up crumbs, put tutor supplies away and reset the classroom). Tutors should be able to walk out with students at 12:00. They are not responsible for cleaning up after the students and parents leave. This is a group effort. CC can not run without parents helping and does not run well with only a few parents helping!


"Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame , and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God."

Hebrews 12:1-2 (ESV)

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This week in Challenge...

In Week 16, Foundations students learn about three of the most unusual words in English grammar: am, are, is , which are the forms of to be that we conjugate in the different persons to shift the meaning of other verbs. Learning the power of language - the power of speaking and writing well - is a key component at every Challenge level. Starting in Challenge A, students analyze, then imitate, the literature of great writers, much as an art student might copy an Old Master.

Having mastery of the word mechanics learned in Foundations means the students have many language grammar tools already in hand by the time they reach Challenge A.


Presentations are to be no longer then 3 minutes. Please remind your children as they are practicing at home to keep it to 3 minutes or less. They will be asked to sit down after 3 minutes weather they are finished or not.
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Presentation Schedule

Week 17 Persuasion: Tell us why we should buy something. It can be something real or something you made up.

Week 18 Tell us about your favorite artist.

Week 19 Narration: Tell us a fairy tale/fable/tall tale.

  • Remember these topics are only suggestions. Your child is free to do their presentation on any topic they are interested in.

Valentine/Pizza/PJ Party!

Next week we will have our Party!! We will also exchange valentines for anyone interested and share pizza together. Kiddos are welcome to come in their PJs if they would like. We will also have a group review time.

Valentine's Exchange: We will have bags for each child that will be set out on the tables in the fellowship hall. Your children are welcome to make valentine's for their class and any other friends they would like to give one to. The nursery kids are also welcome to participate. If you plan on adding a treat, please limit it to a small treat or toy and any food must be nut free!

Pj's: Kids are welcome to wear pj's if they would like to. Please use wise judgement on weather and modesty.

Pizza: Please sign up on the google docs form by Sunday 2:00 pm.

We are doing Costco pizza again. $1.00 per slice or $11.00 for a whole pizza. Choices are Cheese, Pepperoni or Cheese.

Review games: We will be having group review time on Monday as well! The details are still being worked out. But, we will definitely be needing help from ALL PARENTS! Please be prepared to help wherever you are needed.

Rare video of Heard Island volcano Big Ben erupting

Yearbook Pictures Needed

Please post any CC pictures you have on our Shutterfly page.

Angela Ellingson will be putting together a yearbook for us using these pictures. She could use a couple more helping hands on this project. Please let Angela or Summer know if you are willing to help.

Tutors, Subs and Directors needed for 2016/17

NOW is the time to let me know if you would be interested in tutoring, subbing or directing next year!

Tutors for Faith Baptist, Oak Hills and 3rd Sioux Falls location.

Must: Enjoy working with kids, have a biblical world view and a testimony of faith, have home schooled for at least a year and have a child in the program they are tutoring.

Preferred: Have a heart to home school through high school.

Training: 18 hours over 3 days in Sioux Falls at the Parent Practicum in June. And 4 in person training with your director.

Director to start a third location in Sioux Falls or surrounding and Challenge A director for Sioux Falls.

Must: Enjoy administrative leadership, have a biblical world view and a testimony of faith. Have home schooled for at least a year and a desire to home school through high school. Have all your children enrolled in all appropriate CC programs.

Preferred: Experienced home school family.

Training: 18 hours over 3 days in town at parent practicum and an additional 9 hours in another town (Rapid, Omaha, Rochester, Des Moines, St. Cloud). 9 hours in person training with Support Representative and various live and recorded webinars.

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Downstairs bathroom cleaning schedule

The older Foundations/Essentials kids will be on a rotating schedule to help clean the boys and girls bathrooms downstairs. They will need to empty the garbage, wipe down the sinks, check to see if toilets are flushed and pick up any paper towels etc. from the floor.

Week 17 - Regan and Keegan

Week 18 - Merritt and Henry

Week 19 - Lauren and Braxtin C.

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Orchestra Unit leaders needed!!

Next quarter's fine arts (week 19-24) is the Orchestra unit. I need two or three parents who would help plan and lead this. Please let me know if you are interested in helping out!!

Foundations to Challenge

Many educational programs are built from the bottom up. In other words, classical, Christian schools start with kindergarten and build a grade at a time. Classical Conversations was built from the top down. When her oldest son turned twelve, Leigh Bortins realized that he needed to discuss literature, make presentations, debate history, and complete science labs with his peers. She gathered a group of students in her home, and the Challenge program was born. After a number of years, she realized that she and her friends could have prepared them their children for these experiences better int he younger grades, and so the Foundations program was born. In other words, we started with the end in mind: everything you are learning right now with your kids has a purpose for later studies.

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Info Meetings and Window into Challenge

Info Meeting - February 4th 6:30-8:30 pm at East side Panera

Info Meeting - February 6th 9:30-11:30 am at West Center Baptist in Madison

Info Meeting - February 9th 6:30 - 8:30 pm Scooter's in Brandon

Please pass this on to anyone who is interested!

Essentials Week 16

EEL Homework

  • Review Chart E, F, N
  • Weekly Sentences with Analytical Task Sheet (For more help, see EEL p. 49-61)
  • Weekly Editing Exercise, Capitalization and Punctuation Rule 16 (p. 457), Spelling Rule 16 (p. 463), Homophones 16 (p. 485)
  • Optional: Spelling List 16, p. 473

The following is the same information Mrs. Rashid posted on the Essential Support page in case you did not see it:

Task 5 example

Declarative: God called the light day.

Interrogative: God called the light day? Change end mark

Who called the light day? Add an interrogative pronoun

Did God call the light day? Add a helping verb

Remember C.I.A

Exclamatory: God called the light day!!!!

Imperative: Call the light day.

Rewrite structure:

Simple: God called the light day. (Independent sentence)

Compound: God called the light day and the darkness he called night.

“and” is a FANBOY

Complex: God, who is awesome, called the light day.

“who” relative PN starts an adj. clause

God called the light day because he was tired of the void.

“because” is a subordinate conjunction, therefore an adverbial clause

*NOTICE: I underlined the Independent sentence “God called the light day.”, and I just added more to it.

We have not studied the Compound-Complex sentence yet.

Rewrite with modifiers.

God boldly called the light day.

God called the magnificent light day.

Load Grammar: An OCN follows the DO and renames what the DO has become as a result of the action of the verb.

· A complement is part of the sentence that completes the thought begun by the subject and the verb.

· DO & IO are examples of complements also. The OCN just takes it a step further. LOOK AT CHART E Just another role of a noun! Look at PN chart

Things to know about OCN:

· This is not a common pattern.

· You’ll never see an IO in the same sentence as an OCN

· OCN is a Noun

· To find an OCN, say the DO and ask Who? Or What? Then verify the noun.

· Limited number of verbs that can be paired with the OCN

Some but not all include:

make, call, judge, choose, elect, nominate, name, paint.

Verbs that perceive, judge, or indicate change will work with this pattern.

The OCN is added to rename the DO


1. The class elected Napoleon president.

Napoleon = president

“president” is needed to complete the sentence. It’s complementing the DO “Napoleon”

The class elected Napoleon………???? What. There needs to be more. “president” is needed to complete the thought.

2. Jesus calls himself Master.

Himself= Master

Jesus calls himself………. It doesn’t make sense. More is needed. The OCN “Master” helps complete the thought.

IEW Homework:

Unit 7: Creative Writing

"If I Lived in Ancient Times" Lesson 26

Review the model for a two- or three- paragraph report or essay using the SRN. This two-paragraph essay will follow the same structure with on body paragraph omitted. Paragraphs must follow the topic sentence-clincher rule. In addition, the first paragraph should begin with an introductory sentence that tells the subject of the entire report. The last paragraph should end with a final clincher that reflects the introductory sentence.

Complete the essay on what you would miss if you lived in ancient times by using page 210 to make a key word outline. Ask plenty of questions to get ideas. Follow the checklist on page 211. Remember a introductory sentence and final clincher.

NO NEW VOCABULARY WORDS IN SECOND SEMESTER! If you haven't learned all the others just review. Study for Final Vocabulary Quiz.

IEW Reminders

Use 2-3 key words in the clincher that reflect back to the topic sentence.

Underline the dress-ups

put decorations in italics

Write a #2, #3, #5, #6 next to the opener in the margin

Helps: TWSS


Recorded Webinar

Class will be starting promptly at 1:00. Please be in your seats and ready for class!