By Dom, Justin, and Luke

How did medicine come about in Ancient Egypt?

Medicine came about in Ancient Egypt for these reasons. The history of medicine is a long and distinguished one, as healers sought to alleviate and fix injuries since the dawn of humanity. The medicine was used to save lives and help out the injured. Since this medicine has saved lives back then, people these days want to use it for the same reasons.This is how medicine came about in Ancient Egypt.

What types of medicine did they practice?

The best place to be ill in this time would be Ancient Egypt because they had physicians whose art was renowned all over the Ancient world. Some of the medicines were weird. For example the Ancient Egyptians used a whole, cooked mouse to cure coughs. They also used honey and human brains for eye infections. After the remedies were distributed the Ancient Egyptians used spells to ward off the "evil spirits" that were making the person sick.

What is the mummification process?

The mummification process is the process of the pharaohs becoming mummies and going to the afterlife. First, they embalm the body by laying it in water from the Nile. Then, they take out the organs and the brain and they leave the heart. Next, they wrap the body, first are the head and neck and then the fingers and toes are individually wrapped. Between each wrapping the embalmers place the knot of Isis and the plummet to protect the body for when it goes to the afterlife. Then, a priest reads aloud spells from the book of the dead to help the dead journey to the afterlife.Finally, the arms and legs are tied together and a papyrus scroll is set in between the hands tied together. This process is what we call the mummification process.

Why is medicine important to us today?

Medicine is important to us today because it can help us in many ways. One way is physicians in ancient Egypt proved to be masters of dentistry and had already learned how to craft effective dental bridges. They also started pain killers. Egyptians already had knowledge of the narcotics in natural herbs like the water lily and lotus, cannabis, the poppy and the mandrake. These plants helped them to make pain killers. This is why medicine is important to us today.