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Anderson-Shiro Sports.

An update on Anderson Shiro baseketball. The fighting Owls have brought in several wins this season playing hard in all the games and practices. On the Junior high team is 7th & 8th grade players.

The Update on U.I.L competitions has just came in. The U.I.L competition happened yesterday at the school where students came from all around the district. The schools include Normangee, Iola, Anderson-Shiro, Leon, Somerville. Just to name a few. The program was held at the Anderson-Shiro Jr/Sr High School in the cafeteria from 8:00 a.m - 3:00 p.m. After months and months of practicing and training the fighting owls just fell short of winning the meet.

The update on High school Football wins of the season consist of 8 wins and 3 lost games this season. We talked with the head Football coach Mr. Sexton about how the season ended. He states that the season went great even though they did not make it to the State Playoffs. Sexton states the football team is practicing still to get better next year

Thats is all for this sports update see you next time.

The Scope On The School Lunches

My Peers and I believe that the school can serve better food if they broke away from the healthy 300 calorie lunches and went to serving fast food.

Here is some of the reasons we need better food is that we don’t full on one serving and some of us can not get seconds after are first serving. Some of the time we get our food and the taste is horrible.

Some of the food the school needs to serve is more pizza, cheeseburgers, and hot dogs more often.

I believe to solve this problem is to buy from another seller. This will solve the taste problem. Also they need to serve more food to fill the children.

I believe that we can solve all conflict by serving better.

Things You Need To Know But Not Yet

Step 1: Stockpile weapons, food, ammo, medicine, gasoline, etc.

Step 2: Get a vehicle to:

  • Find Safehouses/Shelter.

  • Get to supplies before anyone else.

  • Save Survivors/Family from the horde.

  • Get to Higher/Safer ground.

  • Find Civilization/Communities that are still thriving.

  • Don’t find a gas guzzler just as a tip

  • Use broken vehicles to make things you need

Step 3: Keep a blowtorch on you/find a blowtorch it will be useful.

Step 4: Find a group of well-suited survivors.

Step 5: Elect a Leader of the group:

Signs of a good leader.

  • Cares about his fellow survivors.

  • Knows how to handle every situation that seems fit and or necessary.

  • Give up some of his own supplies for the needs of others.

  • Puts other survivors needs above his own.

  • Doesn’t get overwhelmed by power.

  • Knows how to survive.

Step 6: Set up a base of operation/safe house.

Requirements For A Good Safe House:

  • Big Storage Space

  • Doors Lots Of Em

  • Fencing On The Outside

  • Boarded Up Windows(Probably Needs To Be Done Manually)

  • Needs To Be Away From CiviliZation Or What's Left Of One

  • Capable Of Housing People

Step 7: Survive The Z-Apocalypse