Mathews Kindergarten

Remote Learning Edition

April 14-17

We hope you had a wonderful weekend with your families. The past few weeks have been spent getting familiar with remote learning and the different platforms. It is wonderful to see our Kindergartners logging in and "going" to school!

We are now in Phase 3 - Continuing Remote Learning with More Digital Tools (April 6 and Beyond).

Please keep accessing your child's Google Classroom for lessons and Assignment information.

Thank you for your patience during this time. We miss being in the classroom, and seeing our Kindergarteners!

Please contact us if you have any questions. We are here to help you and your child!

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Phase 3 Instruction- Pathblazer

We are excited to share a new online program for literacy instruction called Pathblazer as we move into Phase 3. This provides targeted instruction to your child.

Pathblazer is available on Webdesk. Look for the icon that looks like the one on above (red lantern with the word Pathblazer on it) and click on it. It will take your child to the lessons.

Some guidelines:

  • Recommended time is 15-20 minutes daily.

  • Please allow your child to do this on their own, as content is provided at their level.

Please click on the link below for a student video to help your child learn about this.

Please access the parent letter here:

We are here to help you. Please reach out if you have questions!


What is DreamBox Learning Math?

● DreamBox Learning Math, is the next generation of web-based learning,

provides personalized math learning in an engaging, fun, game-like


● DreamBox automatically adapts to each student, optimizing his or her

learning experience. The engine does this by customizing the lessons,

difficulty, hints, pace, and sequence to match a student’s knowledge and

learning style -- just as a great tutor would!

Tips for Parents

Encourage students to FINISH lessons. Explain to students that

DreamBox uses their keystrokes,strategies, speed and answers to build the best “next step”. However, the platform won’t register all of that data if a lesson is incomplete. The best

way for a learner to show what he or she knows is to finish the lesson. If they must close a lesson, have them start with that lesson when they play DreamBox again.

Grading Guidelines

We will continue to use the Portfolio method of collecting evidence of student growth. The 4th 9-week portfolio will continue to indicate S or N based on weekly evidence. Art, Music, PE and Citizenship/Work Habits will not be assigned a grade for the 4th 9-weeks.

Only assignments made and completed on or after April 6th (Phase 3) will be used to determine whether a student has “Met Standard”.

Please click on the link for more information.

School Calendar Updates

The last day of instruction will be May 22 regardless of whether campuses re-open to students this school year,

PISD Webdesk Directions

Plano ISD provides many digital tools to support in-class learning, and our students will have access to these resources which are aligned to their classes through the PISD Webdesk and the student digital backpack. Please click the link for directions.
My Backpack in Webdesk

Google Classroom

Top 5 Tips for Google Classroom: Student Edition

The Google Classroom App can be found in your child's backpack through webdesk. We have already set up each child in the classroom. However, should there be any problems we are providing the codes below for each teacher.

You will enter in the following code:

Ms. Shelton's Class: rxuolwd

Ms. Calaza's Class: an4xcjq

Ms. Mir's Class: a2isyo

*** Please note that the assignments or announcements to your google classroom may be posted by any of the Kindergarten teachers.

How To Upload Photos to Google Classroom

HMH Reading APP



Weekly Learning Plan


Please click on the link above for the weekly lesson for Kindergarten. We will be adding the weekly lessons as a document on your child's google classroom.

Additional Learning Resources

Please click this button to go to our district website with additional learning resources for you and your family while we learn from home.

Teacher Availability and Email Addresses

Teachers will be available to check their emails between 9-11 and again from 1-3 Monday through Friday. We appreciate your patience and grace as we work with you and reply to your questions.

Deborah Shelton:

Teresa Calaza:

Silvy Mir: