Rock 'N' Relief

In honor of The Lusk Family

This PUBLIC music event is to help support the following cause...

When friends are hurting and in need, we all try to reach out in some way to help. Such is the case with Josh Lusk, a husband and father of two, who became ill in August of 2011. By September, he was diagnosed with Stage IV Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. After five months of chemotherapy, the cancer appeared to be in remission. Unfortunately, in May 2012, the cancer had returned. Josh was then referred to Wake Forest Baptist Hospital where a stem cell transplant was recommended. Fortunately for Josh, his sister was a perfect stem cell match and the transplant was a success in 2012.

After months of recovery, and doing well, more bad news came. Josh developed RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) which caused him to develop pneumonia and was hospitalized in March 2013. The doctors did not have high hopes for his survival, due to his weakened immune system. However, Josh pulled through and returned home (to be with his family) after five weeks in the hospital. He now relies on emergency oxygen and suffers nerve damage (in his leg) caused by a blood clot that formed due to his immobility, while in the hospital. Josh is only 33 years old and is possibly looking at months, if not years, of rehabilitative therapy.

We would just like to note that it's been an honor to have old and new friends come together to put on this show to help friends in need. A big THANK YOU to The Chop Shop, Steven Walden, members of the following... Jym Chapman and The Migrant Workers, Dizzy Bangers, Tidalwave and YDH Live! Your participation is greatly appreciated!

The Lusk Family, Randi Landreth and Marilyn Lynch

Chop Shop

Friday, Aug. 23rd 2013 at 8pm

399 E 35th St

Charlotte, NC

Show is Public. Must be 21

Entry is $10 per person. Doors open at 8. Music will start by 8:30.

Entry proceeds go to the Lusk family. Online donations can be made at

If you are interested in contributing in some way that suits this show/benefit, please email or Stay tuned for possible updates!

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We are ending the night with YDH Live! One of Charlotte's favorite DJ's are going to perform a live set for you all. Enjoy!