Drug Awareness Poster Assignment

Drug Use and Mental Health Unit


You will use Smore to create an online awareness poster on a drug of your choice. For this assignment, you will put technology and your researching skills to use! Remember to think about prescription and non-prescription drugs. You must get approval of the drug you would like to study from

Miss MacLeish.

Get creative and have fun making a Smore!

Your target audience are teenagers!

Learning goals for this assignment:

  • To identify and describe the warning signs and symptoms of different substance misuse or abuse and addictions.
  • To list and describe strategies to use when someone appears to be misusing legal or illegal drugs to ensure their well-being.
  • To apply my health knowledge and living skills to make reasoned decisions and take appropriate actions in situations that could happen to teenagers to prevent harm to myself and others.

Here's what you need to include...

Success Criteria

Include the following in your poster:

* Physical description of the drug (powder? leaf? tablet?)

* How it works on the body

* Identify 3 evident warning signs of drug use and abuse

* Minimum of 3 factors that increase the risk of drug use

* Physical effects on the user (3 physical, 3 social/emotional)

* Dangers that come from using the drug (3+)

* Ways to say no (2+)

* List strategies to use if you think someone may be misusing any type of drug

* At least one community resource to go to for help

* Minimum of 3 photos

* Min. of 1 link (could be a informational site, website where to get help, etc.)

* Audio clip (your choice what to include)


Level 1

Health - Included some of the necessary information

Media - Smore lacks headings, use of nuggets, text boxes etc.

Level 2

Health - Included most of the necessary information accurately

Media - Smore has clear headings and text to follow

Level 3

Health - Included all necessary information accurately and clearly

Media - Smore is neat, organized, uses a variety of text forms to make it easy for reading. Met requirements for text features.

Level 4

Health - Exceeded the required information to include with detail and precision

Media - Smore is neat, organized, eye-catching, creative, include a variety of features from Smore, variety of text forms for easy reading