Rogue Community College

Welding and Technology

Volunteer Work

  • The first thing is i can do a job shadow.

School Information

  • Location:3345 Redwood Hwy., Grants Pass, OR 97526
  • Placement test to see what classes you should take.
  • The student-teacher ratio is 19-1.
  • Tuition and fees: $4,680
  • Books and Supplies: $629
  • $5,309 for the demanded certification


  • City: Grants Pass,Oregon
  • it is by trees and water (depending on the campus).

Plan to Pay

  • Get a job that will not conflict with school
  • Get some kind of schoolar ship

Post High School Goals

  • The first thing is get a job.
  • Then try and get into RCC.
  • Finally be a master welder.

Classes to achieve my goals

  • First is i would like to have taken precalcules
  • All my english and science done.
  • All of my damanded classes