Animal Farm: Napoleons Dogs

By:Parker Hatten/ Justin Lacy / AJ Perez

The 9 Dogs of Animal Farm

While Snowball was still in power in Animal Farm Napeoleon took 9 pups from the dogs of the farm and began to train them as his royal servants. The dogs eventually grew and were the main reason why Snowball was chased out of the farm. The dogs acted as Napoleons bodyguards and followed him wherever he went. They were extremely brutal when trying to follow Napoleons orders, even going as far to rip out the throats of the pigs who stood against Napoleon.

Joseph Stalins Secret Police NKPD

Joseph Stalin lead with Vladimir Lenin in the Russian Revolution until Vladimir died when he took over. After exiling Leon Trotsky and killing him Stalin knew that he needed a secrete police force in order to protect him. The Secret Stalin Poloce Force(NKPD) were brutal and vicious when acting on people. Without the police protecting Stalin his reign my have never come to be as it did. He used them as an act of henchmen to carry out his dirty work. When ever Stalin needed to make a demonstration to show his power the NKPD where there to back him up. Just like the dogs in animal farm he used them as means to kill people who stood before Stalin(Napoleon). Just like Animal Farm the police/dogs followed Stalin/Napoleon everywhere he went. The dogs killed the animals who stood against Napoleon in chapter 7 as did the NKPD.

Better Understanding

We realize that the novel is not just a fairy tail but a sad story of the struggles of the Russian Revolition and how Joseph Stalin did anything to keep his reign going forever. The novel explains these terrible hardships throughout the story.