The Renaissance

A time of change

What is the Renaissance?

The Renaissance was this massive explosion of art and literature from the Dark Ages. As we all know the Dark Ages was a time of no learning nor any efforts to learn.These times were revolved around survival and that only. The only people that knew how to read and write was the church. Then suddenly an interest in art, writing, and much more, appeared once again, called the Renaissance. This all began in Italy around the 1300s. Italy was the perfect place for the Renaissance to begin because they had great cities, a wealthy merchant class and had Greece and Roman heritage. The rise of artist and such had begun with secular movements. People began to question and explore every boundary. Starting with the interest of human achievements and their life beings.

The picture on the top right is a representation of some of the actions occurring during the Renaissance (From

The people involved


Petrarch was considered one of the first men to actually start this movement, being called the "father of Renaissance Humanism", Renaissance coming from the term Renaissance man, and Humanism coming from a person who was interested in humans more than other things. Petrarch was known for encouraging this and especially writing. He began to write in his vernacular language and wrote whatever he pleased. He mostly wrote about a women he never met which are very famous till this day. Overall this man was incredibly inspirational for what he wrote and did. Every man or woman wanted to be a Renaissance man or woman.

This picture on the top left is Petrarch, with his famous flower crown that was very adored. (From

Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the most famous painters, sculptors and Renaissance man to be known till this day. His famous painting, The Last Supper, was not if one of the greatest paintings known to mankind that depicts Religion in a lovely art form. Leonardo, similar to Petrarch, was interested in humans more than Religion. He began to paint religious paintings and of other things but he was most known for his heart throbbing sculptures. Vinci was a great inspiration to many artist that came after him. He inspired people to go beyond the limits and explore the world of art. Making him another great man who encouraged the Renaissance.

The painting on the top right is a painting of Cecilia Gallerani, painted by Leonardo. This is just one of the many paintings drawn by Vinci that show females and their beauty in such a graceful way. (From


Our final contributor to the Renaissance is the famous Eramus. Eramus was on the first men to criticize the Catholic Church. He even wrote a book about how their teachings were wrong and that you only needed faith, not a pope nor church in general. At the same time he was a devout Christian but also a Humanist. Eramus is apart of this movement for that reason being. He helped people open their eyes and show them that you don't need someone to teach you but independence is more so the key. He influenced many artist in the rise against church officals and what was expected of them. He also was a huge contributor to The Reformation, which was one of the most life changing periods of that time. Eramus was a intellectual man who gave the overall push into new life.

The top left picture is Eramus, as to be seen writing a book. Eramus was a great writer and did not care much of any opinions. (From

Change In Society

During this time of great outburst of art and literature, people began to change. The rise of artist and humanist grew like wild fire and the church wasn't very pleased with this. Religion was still a great deal but not as great as it was during the Dark Ages. People began to realize that the church wasn't that glorious. People wanted to express themselves in their vernacular language and do what they pleased. They wanted to be greater than just a person who went to church and prayed. That is why the Renaissance was such a big deal because people finally had independence. They finally wanted to be something greater and with the help of those who contributed and much more, this movement was possible. Not only did independence grew but art was such a big deal. People weren't looked as people anymore but more as beautiful unique forms of art. Especially female art. It was a huge deal to have a great artist like Leonardo Da Vinci paint you. This gave so much power to women and anyone really. They finally wanted to be something greater and with the help of those who contributed and much more, this movement was possible.

Change For Our Society Today

If you look around, they're more artist today than ever in the world. They're a lot of different forms and sizes of art as well. Being an artist is a profession now and it is one of the best. They're art schools, drama schools, acting schools and much more. Many famous painters and artist, even new forms of art has evolved ever since the Renaissance. Today we value education in every aspect possible. Religion today exist but there is no hatred, for everything revolves around education now. The Renaissance was of the greatest time periods to ever occur in our lives. If it wasn't for the Renaissance, life just wouldn't be the same.