Lupita Manana

By: Jackson, Quin and Austin

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Jackson: Lupita and her brother Salvador cross the U.s Mexico border tring to find work after their dad dies. After they get across the border they try to go to their aunts house in Indio, Califoria. On there way there they stop in Colton Califoria and get some jobs to send money to there mom back in Mexico. They finally get to Indio then the imigration police capture Salvador and send him back to Mexico.

Story Critique

Jackson: I didn't like the story very much for many reasons. One reason is that it didn't describe anything very well. Another reason is that it is hard to understand the book because there are spanish words thrown in the book at random. Those are a couple reasons why I didn't like the book.

Literary devices

Jackson: 1), You are as dumb as a rock.

Jackson: 2). The coat was old, was white and had vivid black virtical stripes.

Jackson: 3). The bush skipped across the dirt.


Jackson: The story is in 1st person POV because Lupita retells her side of the story throughout the book.
Lupita Manana Book Trailer