Grants Pass OR

Basic School Information

  • Located In Grants Pass OR
  • Early Child Education Certificate
  • I can stay at home
  • Tuition $1477.00 Supplies $1,413 but my plan is to get these credits in high school and possibly only have to do internship and possibly not even that.
  • It;s a community College so anyone can go.
  • 5,828 students at RCC

Location Information

Fun things to do:

  • Walk around town
  • All sports, riverside park
  • Rodeos
  • Eat out (great restaurants)
  • Shop, there's many little shops
  • South Gate Cinema
  • Caveman bowling
  • Nature walks
  • YMCA, gym
  • Caveman pool
  • Dutch Bros


  • From January to June it goes from being in the high 35 degrees F to high 80's, during this time the average rainfall goes from about 4.24 inches to 0.67.
  • From July to December the temperature goes from 89 degrees F to 35 degrees F. The rainfall goes from about 0.31 inches to about 6.5.
  • 30.99 inches of rain yearly average
  • Snows about once every 2 years
  • during the summer almost everyday is sunny


Rouge River

Paying for College

I already have money saved up for collage and if I am able to finnish child development 2 and 3, I will only have to complete 1 term to get my certificate. I will only have to do an internship which will save a lot of money. I can start my career not long after high school.

My Goal

My goal is to finnish the Child Development classes in high school. Then to do my internship and right after that look for a job to start my career.
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