Wind Energy

A renewable source of energy

What is renewable energy

These sources are considered renewable because they quickly replenish themselves and are usually available in a never ending supply. Most renewable energy comes either directly or indirectly from the sun. Sunlight or solos energy can be used directly for heating and lightIng homes and other buildings from generating electricity.

How does renewable energy work

Wind power uses the winds force to turn a propeller connected to a turbine generading electricity from the motion. Wind energy is the fastest growing source of electricity in the world.

Advantages for wind energy

Excessive heating of earth due to burning of fossil fuels have forced people around the globe to generate power though wind. Wind energy is a renewable resource meaning that earth will continue to provide this and it's up to people to use it and Hardness it to the best advantages. Wind power is cheap and is largely dependent upon the manufactural distribution and building of turbines for the initial costs. Wind energy replaces electricity from coal fired power plants and thus reduces greenhouse gases that produced global warming. Wind energy is available world wide and thought some countries may be Windier than others. The producing is not like oil that has to be transported on tankers to the far regions of the earth. Wind turbines can also share space with other interests such as the farming of crops and cattle.

Disadvantag for wind energy

Some people object to the visual site of wind turbines distrupting the local landscape. The Wind does not blow as well at all locations on earth. Wind maps are needed to indentify the optimal locations. The Initial cost of a wind turbine can be substantial thought government subsidies tax breaks and long term costs may all evaite much of this. Transmission of electricity from remote wind farms can be a major hurdle for utilities since many time turbines are not located around urban centres.


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