Changing Your Career

Considering a Change

Current Employer

Before deciding to change workplaces, first talk to your employer about not being happy with your current job and see if they will offer you a new position at your current workplace.


If you are not happy at your current job, look around for new jobs, whether it be researching careers online or simply getting a tip from a friend or acquaintance. You can also take career surveys to help get an idea of what you would be interested in doing.

Developing a Plan

Apply Job Hunting Skills

When you're searching for a new job use your job hunting skills, whether it be the skills you already had when you searched for your previous job, or learning some new skills.

Likes and/or dislikes of current job

If you dislike your current job for whatever reason, why go to a new workplace that is going to have the exact same problem? If you're changing careers because you dislike something at your current job you need to find a place that is not going to have those problems.

Making the Change


When you are certain you are leaving your job be sure to inform your employer two weeks prior to when you are leaving, this is the proper and professional way to leave your job.

Leave on a Good Note

When you know you are about to leave your current job don't just leave and talk bad about the workplace and/or company, be professional about it.

You Must be Flexible

When you are looking for a new job you must be flexible and willing of the location and salary of your job. Even consider starting your own business, be as open minded as possible.

Beginning the New Journey

Work Hard

Once you've begun your new career you need to work hard and efficiently. It's very important to show your employer a good first impression, this is vital to the future of you and your career.

Get Additional Training and Education

It is important to update your knowledge and ability of the place you'll be working soon. Especially if the place you'll be working is a new company, you will need to get updated and learn to use the technologies.

Bring previous skills on with you

When you move on to a new job be sure to apply any and all of your previous skills so you can impress your new employer and start off on the right foot. You will more than likely have more applicable skills than you would imagine if you're changing careers completely.