Free Air

£13.67 a breath

You might be thinking, why do you need Air?!

The answer is simple. 'Air' is one of our new products, it is still very delicate as it was made in 2045.'Air' can be used to stay alive, if your dying take a breath and you'll be good as new


You can get Air in all different styles and colors; there's green, brown, transparent, black and pink but we don't do orange or white. There are many different designs and shapes for Air, you can get the custom Air shape which comes with a free sniff of Air. Or the default design which is the shape of transparent Air.

AIr looks

We have a new exclusive feature at our fan base. You can have a look at our finest Air for £0...only 99p. Now beware it is very beatiful and you might get addicted. So do not look directly at the air.

Our mascot.

Big image

Tank of Air for sale, now only £966. Buy 1 tank get the Air for free.


You can find out shops in the clouds. The Air cloud to be specific. You can buy a flight to our location for only £999 and then you can go on the airplane for FREE!! When you arrive you just jump out the window and we catch you, if we miss you die but you can buy another jump life saving tank of air for only £987 and you'll be alive

Special X vitamin

Our newest product of X-air includes a special type of healthy vitamin, but be warned, it has a 99% of you dying so you have to buy the easy breath tank that only cost a small fee of £500,000 pounds that you can pay over a long period of 30 seconds. There may be consequences if you pay after 31 seconds, consequences like we have to confiscate all of your air and you have to die....but then you can buy a life saving tank of air for only £543

Deadly Smoke

Now smoke has been an enemy product of us for a long time...well 2 days because we only were published 2 days ago. This smoke is deadly so if you see it you must stay away. It can really damage your internal organs, like your eyes. If you do look at it you will have to buy the AirSight tank for only £1234 but it comes with a free X-vitamin bottle (without the x-vitamins)

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