The Congo Rain Forest In Africa

By: Savannah Spicher


The Congo rain forest is located behind the amazon in Africa. In covers a very large vast area across Central America through Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic of Congo. This rainforest is accounting for 18% of the worlds rainforests.

Sites and Climates

As you go on your journey into the Congo Rain Forest expect some high humidity but some very nice temperatures averaging for the low 60's to about high 70 and low 80. When going to this amazing forest make sure to be looking out for some animals like the Okapi also known as a strange giraffe. You will be garentted to see Chimpanzees and Bonobos! Also including many of the "safari animals" hippos, lions, antelopes, and leopards.

Big fun and Exciting!

Why You Should Take The Family To The Rain Forest!

You would have the beautiful experience to visit the 2nd largest rain forest in the world! You may also run into the most famous Congo rainforest people are the Pygmies. The average height of Pygmy men is just 4 feet 10 inches (1.45 meters). The average height of Pygmy women is just 4 feet 1 inch (1.33 meters). When walking into this beautiful place you may walk on by the 2nd largest river in the work; the Congo River!


If you would like to book a trip to this beautiful place give us a call! Its a great experience for the whole family! I couldn't think of a more important beautiful educational place to go see!