PCP Facts and Myths

The real truth about the effects of PCP on the human body.

Facts about PCP

PCP is usual a white powder that is easily soluble in water. It can come in powder, pill, or liquid form.

PCP is taken by eating, snorting, smoking or injecting.

The effects of PCP can be felt usually between 2-5 minutes after taking it.

PCP was once used as an anesthetic in the 1950's and was discontinued in 1965 after studying its effects.

Myths belived about PCP

PCP causes cannibalism, decapitations, and eye gouging. Myth, it only causes aggression in the user.

PCP causes super human strength, enough to break out of handcuffs. Myth, the resistance to be restrained has caused the illusion that they have superior strength.

PCP causes users to feel no pain. Partial myth, it is an anesthetic so it removes pain partially unless the user is unconscious.