All You Want and, A Little Bit More

Free Riches awaiting in the New World!

The Cup Overfloweth

Cometh to the Land of Opportunity, and be overflown with riches and abundance of materials. All inhabitants shall own good, fertile land, with lumber to warm cold nights and "seven most goody rivers"

Land Promises & Resources

Virginia is stalked with many acres of good plentiful soil for your needs, as said by our few residents, "the extremity of summer is not so hot as Spain nor the cold of winter so sharp as the frost of England." We also have seven "most goodly rivers," that bare us with animals and fish to fill ourselves immovable! If thou come now, the Company shall grant thee 50 acres for planting and living purposes!

The Natives

Fear not! The Indians are more afraid of our strong clothing that penetrate their weak arrows. "Their petty kings that for fear of us have desired our friendship", and their women bare us gifts of beads and corn. We do have protection too, from our long ago friend tribes, Pipsco and Chopoke, "who are our overthwart neighbours of Jamestown."

Fear Not The Sickness!

The only ones who have died, were from their "own filthiness and want of bodily comforts for sick men." But, now only few are sick, and when we create our hospitals there shall be no more plague!

And Cometh To This Land!

God had given us this land to pursue and settle, why not do what He says in the almighty wisdom and grace he given to us? Do not let the Devil temp thee with the bearers of bad news.

Message Pigeon

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