Thirteen Reasons Why

Jay Asher

Jay Asher

Jay Asher has written the book Thirteen Reasons Why and wrote another book with the author Carolyn Mackler called The Future of Us. Jay Asher has lived in CAlifornia his whole life except for six months when he lived in Wyoming, when he came up with the idea of his book Thirteen Reasons why. Jay Asher writes books with young adult influences.

Main Characters

The Main Character in this book are Hannah Baker and Clay Jensen. Hannah Baker is the young teenage girl who committed suicide in the novel. She makes tapes for telling specific people why she wanted to die. Clay Jensen is the narrator and is the one in charge of making sure all of the people who hannah wanted to give the tapes to get them. The other characters in this book are Justin foley,alex standall, Jessica Davis, tyler Down, Courtney Crimson, Marcus Cooley, Jack Dempsey, Ryan Shaver, Jenny Kurtz, Bryce Walker, Mr.Porter and Tony were the people who received Hannah's tapes and each had a small part in why Hannah Baker killed herself.

Plot Teaser

This book revolves around Hannah Bakers suicide and the reasons why she killed herself. Through this book you begin to understand more and more through every chapter the reasons why she committed suicide and how all of these people caused her to do it. According to Hannah, the people who are on the tapes are the people to blame for her death but her nothing but nice friend, Clay Jensen is on the tapes and he can't see why. This conflict stays with him through the entire book and compels him to listen to all 13 of the tapes. Someone that would enjoy this book is someone that likes dramatic books and would;t mind reading a book about a girl who committed suicide.