Static Character

By Tom Reed

What does static character mean?

A static character is a character that remains almost the exact same throughout the novel. Throughout the book, this character does not change his morals, characteristics, habits, thoughts, etc. They don't grow emotionally throughout the story.

Why is this important?

Static characters help shape the protagonist in the book or novel. They are important in the sense of the story. These characters don't play a big role in the sense of the outcome of the story, but they are key in the development in the actions of the dynamic character.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

In Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Hyde doesn't change his personality, actions, or anything over the course of the story. He just shapes the thoughts of Jekyll. Jekyll doesn't want his friends to see him like that and eventually kills himself because he runs out of potion to change back.

Pride and Prejudice

Mr. Collins is another great example of a static character, He is a a key reason of why Elizabeth and Darcy get together. He is comical in this too, but as a person he is seemingly unchanged throughout the story.


In Cinderella, the evil step mom was a static character. She was always rude and cruel towards Cinderella. Cinderella still went out to the ball against her step mom's orders and met the prince and fell in love.