Cyber bullying

my poster is about how to stop Cyber bullying.

Nightcore - Impossible

Lesten to the song while reading.

My name is Tiffani Miller and I am a victim to Cyber bullying. Its hard going through enying bullying every time I get on the internet i feel like i am doing something very wrong. So here are some of my advice on how not to be Cyber Bullied. Cyber Bullying is a fore of internet harassment that people use to hurt other people just becuse they thank it's funny, well I dont that it's funny what people relize is that it's casing death's all over the world. Please help stop all the death's in the world and help young people live there lifes just like God wanted use to.

Think before you speak. Words can become actions and actions can lead rto somthing else so plzzz stop saying things on the internet that yiou shouldent.