Teacher Aide Feedback

Literacy skills' development workshop 10th April 2013

Rating the workshop.

20 teacher aides filled in a feedback form.

Of these we were rated as follows: (% rated 3 = good: % rated 4 = excellent)

  • punctuality 0:100
  • presentation 10:90
  • materials 20:80
  • pace 20:80
  • variety 25:70
  • usefulness 30:65
  • confidence of participant 50:45
  • time allocated 55:35

What went well?

Group participation.

Very informative.

Working through what literacy is - realising how big/broad it is.

The presentation - informal but informative.

Very interesting. Lots to take in. Could go half a day no problem!

What was useful?

Being able to talk to the facilitators about your particular child.

Learning about the strategy of reading while walking on a straight line.

Being reminded of resources I have used in the past.

Ideas on how to present texts to children.


Ideas and strategies from other support staff as well.

Ideas for activities based on books.

The resources.

Finding out about the wiki and the graffiti wall.

Realising how many times you need to read, and re-read a book for children who struggle to "get it".

Visual writing strategies.

Reading strategies.

Activities that can make learning easier.

What could we do better?

More ideas for younger children with higher needs.

More time.

More time!

Nothing - just more of these. :)

Longer time.

More time available.

Need to address the fact that teacher aides do not have the freedom to work with students as they would like. Teachers do not like teacher aides showing them activities that they haven't organised themselves.

Who's used a wiki (or other online support)?

  • 1 participant has.
  • 18 have not.
  • 1 didn't answer.

How confident are you in using a wiki (or other online support)?

  • 5 didn't answer.
  • 5 more were not at all confident (2 said they will try)
  • 3 were about 25% confident.
  • 2 were about 50% confident.
  • 5 were at least 75% confident to use a wiki.

Any other areas in which you would like professional learning opportunities?

It went too fast - I know I could learn a lot more. Another session on the same topic?

I would need a half day session on this topic.

Learning styles for different needs - children with Downs Syndrome or autism.

I'm interested in learning more about the writing process in middle/upper primary.

Specific reading strategies and learning styles for low achievers - 7 year olds with a 5 year old reading ability.

Reading strategies.

Learning styles.

Any other comments?

  • I had an intro into the workings of a wiki, but as yet have not used one. I'm very interested and hope to find it useful for the future.
  • Furthere PD in this area!
  • I think this was structured from a teacher's point of view rather than a teacher aides. You lovely ladies have presented a good session, I enjoyed all you had to share. Thank you.
  • Keep doing a fabulous job!
  • Thank you for another great presentation.