April Newsletter

Mrs. Williams' Class

Welcome back and happy spring!

Field Trip to TMS!

We will be taking a tour of Thomas Middle School next week! On Wednesday, April 9th our class will head over to Thomas in the morning. We will return before the lunch hour. A permission slip went home in your child's backpack on Monday, March 31st. Please have your child return the permission slip signed no later than Monday, April 7th. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Butter Braids

The 5th grade will be doing a fundraiser to raise money toward the cost of Camp Edwards. We will be working with Butter Braids for this fundraiser. Students will be bringing information and order form packets home on April 7th. Order forms need to returned April 23rd. The Butter Braids will be delivered to Ivy Hill on May 8th, just in time for Mother's Day brunch! The Butter Braids will be $13 a loaf. You can find more about the Butter Braids' allergen and nutrition information by clicking the link below.

Butter Braids Website

Curriculum Information


Students completed the Chapter 6 assessment for Everyday Math before spring break. We hit the ground running the first day back from spring break. We began Chapter 7. This chapter focuses on exponents, using parenthesis in math, and order of operations. These concepts were introduced last year. We will be building upon these skills and digging deeper into these concepts. The end of Chapter 7 focuses on adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers. These concepts can be challenging or confusing. We will be spending multiple days working on these new concepts. Depending on the students progress and rate of progress, I anticipate the Chapter 7 test during the week of April 14th. The date will be determined closer to the testing date.

*We will not have a math lunchtime study session the week of March 31st. Review sessions will resume the week of April 7th.

We will finish the month of April starting Chapter 8. This chapter returns to working with fractions! We will spend a day or two reviewing the concepts we started earlier this year before continuing on to learn how to add and subtracted mixed numbers, multiplication of fractions and mixed numbers, and dividing fractions into equal, smaller fractions. We will complete this chapter the beginning of May.


This week, we are finishing our exploration with inferencing the text. We have been discussing the different ways to make inferences while reading and different types of inferences you can make. Students are continuing to use the "formula" for inferencing: BK + TC = I. Or Background Knowledge + Text Clues = Infer Meaning.

Next week, we will begin looking at a different reading strategy. The remainder of April will focus on determining importance in the text. Students will learn what we determine to be important in what we read depends on our purpose for reading it. When we read nonfiction, for example, we are reading to learn and remember information. We can't possibly remember every single detail in a nonfiction text, but we can learn to focus on the important information. Students will learn how to sort and sift through details in both fiction and nonfiction text to understand the important information and find the main ideas. When we are able to identify the main ideas and important information in our reading, students are able to understand larger concepts and most important portions of text.

April is National Poetry month! Students are going to focus some of our reading time on evaluating poetry. This month's letter and book report are on poetry. Information on these two projects can be found on the blog (link below).

Monthly Letters are due Monday, April 28th

April Book Report T-shirts due Wednesday, April 30th

Link to April monthly letter and book report: click here


Before break students finished their final draft of The Libration of Gabriel King by K.L. Going. Students' final piece is a collection of two moments that reflect on one of the character's character traits. The final pieces are the final grade for the second unit in WEX.

We started the third unit of WEX today. This unit is focused on moving from nonfiction writing to fiction writing by writing short stories. We will practice by creating believable, realistic fiction pieces. Students are going to explore on perfecting their ability to create a strong plot and develop meaningful characters by incorporating dialogue into their writing. We will discuss the importance of balance between dialogue and narration in writing, as well as the impact of sequence in character revelation and plot development. Finally, students will experiment with their writing to try to make an impact on their audience.

Science/Social Studies

We will start the month of April by continuing to chapter 16 in History Alive! This unit, students learn how the United States expanded westward in the 1800s and what effects that expansion had on native peoples. Students will learn how 19th-century settlers migrated into the "western territories". Students will learn about how the United States acquired territory in Louisiana, Florida, Texas, Oregon, and the Southwest. We will learn about manifest destiny and what that meant to people in the United States during this time period.

After Chapter 16, we will be switching to Science. Our final Science unit for the year is Energy. Students will explore and learn that energy takes many forms. That we can observe forms of energy all around us. Energy can more, or transfer, from place to place. Sometimes it changes form as it transfers. Machines help us use energy transfer to perform useful tasks. Students will have experiments that demonstrate how warmer things lose heat, or transfer heat energy, to cooler things until both become the same temperature. We will also have experiments that show how some materials conduct heat energy more easily than others.

Important Dates (In Order)

Thursday, April 3rd - ABC/25 After School Dance **Only students who have signed up in advance**

Monday, April 7th - TMS Field Trip Forms Due & Butter Braid Order Forms Go Home

Wednesday, April 9th - Tour of Thomas Middle School

Friday, April 18th - NO SCHOOL

Wednesday, April 23rd - Butter Braids Order Forms Due

Monday, April 28th - April Monthly Letters Due

Wednesday, April 30th - April Book Reports Due

Thursday, May 8th - Butter Braids Delivered