ACCT 001, S17

Syllabus for Principles of Accounting, Financial - Beam

About Principles of Accounting - Financial

This course is a study and analysis of accounting as an information system, its importance and use by external uses such as investors, creditors, and other making decisions. The course covers of the accounting cycle, application of the generally accepted accounting principles, financial reporting, and statement analysis. The course will include issues relating to the valuation of assets, liabilities, and equity, the recognition of revenue and expenses, cash flow, internal controls, ethics, and International Financial Reporting Standards. (Course catalog)

Why Accounting?

Accounting plays an important role in all businesses. It is important for owners and employees alike to be knowledgable about the accounting cycle and how it applies to their business.

Accounting also has a wide variety of jobs, many in high demand. Check out the Robert Half 2016 Salary Guide for more information about job descriptions and their respective salaries.

“I believe that she has created a group effort and atmosphere to understanding the answers to the problems. She has created unity in the classroom. - Managerial Accounting student, Fall 2015

SCC Mission Statement

Solano Community College’s mission is to educate a culturally and academically diverse student population drawn from our local communities and beyond. We are committed to student learning and achievement and to helping our students achieve their educational, professional, and personal goals. Solano transforms students’ lives with undergraduate education, transfer courses, career-and-technical education, certificate programs, workforce development and training, basic-skills education, and lifelong-learning opportunities. (Solano Community College Mission Statement)

Course Details

Official Course Outline of Record

For more information on this course including the course content online, click above to review the outline of record on Curricunet.

“She makes sure that you are utilizing all resources all available to you. She also encourages in class group work which is great.” - Managerial Accounting student, Spring 2016

Course Grading

Grade breakout

· 30% Homework - Submitting problems, exercises, and individual assignments as assigned

· 20% Preparation - Reading the chapter, contributing to the Wiki page, and preparing for the chapter

· 15% Participation - Actively participating in success team activities, discussions, asking questions, and assignments

· 35% Exams - Midterm 1 - 10% covering the first section; Midterm 2 - 10% covering the second section; Final Exam - 15% covering third section

Final grade

A 100% - 90%

B 89% - 80%

C 79% - 70%

D 69% - 60%

F 59% and below

Important Dates

First day of classes: January 17, 2017

Last date to drop with a refund: January 29, 2017

Last date to drop without a "W": February 5, 2017

Last date to add class: February 5, 2017

Last date to drop with a "W": April 2, 2017

Last day of classes: May 25, 2017

More Important Dates

Click here for more important academic dates at Solano Community College. For course specific dates, check the course on Canvas.

Course Management


Our course will be housed in Canvas, an intuitive Learning Management System.

Course Policies

Regular Contact and Logging In

Taking an online course takes a lot of time and dedication. On both of our parts.

I am committed to making this the best learning environment for each one of you by doing the following:

  • There is a discussion board titled Cyber Cafe, where you can post questions for me directly. Other students may benefit from your questions, so please start there!
  • In addition to grading your weekly Success Team Chats, I will participate too! I will prompt questions, ask for clarity, or help guide you to an answer should you go off track.
  • I will post videos weekly with helpful tips or explanations of complicated concepts.

I have set up your assignments so that you complete the chapter work in small pieces, rather than a week end due date to accomplish it all. I understand that this may sound cumbersome, but I think you will find the assignments more manageable and helpful in smaller doses.

In return, I ask that you:

  • Log in regularly. (I can see your log in history, if I choose to look at the reports.)
  • Dedicate time regularly to complete your assignments.
  • Participate in your Success Team Chat. While the requirement is one (1) original post and two (2) responses, these are only the minimum requirements for the assignment. You are welcome to post more often and to respond to as many posts you would like.
  • Ask questions and communicate - either in the Cyber Cafe or via email. Please reach out and ask your questions! If you are struggling with the material, let me know! I am here to help!

Missing and Late Assignments

It is highly recommended that you complete all assignments. While deadlines are strictly adhered to, the content of all the assignments is very important. Assignments and participation are graded on effort not accuracy. Perfection and mastery don't occur right out of the gate, but effort does. Extra credit is not offered. Should you have the ability to complete additional work, revisit topics that may have been challenging. NOTE: You may be dropped from this course if you missing multiple assignments in a row. Please communicate as early as possible should you miss assignments.

Academic Freedom

Everyone has a voice. It is my expectation (along with SCC) that everyone can express their opinion freely, without recourse, and everyone will treat each other with respect. Please reference your Student Handbook for your Rights and Responsibilities.

Academic Integrity

Complete your own work. Cite sources and references accordingly. If you need assistance with citing your sources, please ask me for help. Do not cheat or participate in academic dishonesty. All suspected violations will be subject to the appropriate disciplinary action. Please reference your Student Handbook for your Rights and Responsibilities.

Inclusive Learning Commitment

Your success in this course is important to me. We all need accommodations because we all learn differently. If there are aspects of this course that prevent you from learning or exclude you, please let me know as soon as possible. Together we’ll develop strategies to meet both your needs and the requirements of the course.

I encourage you to visit Disabilities Services Program to determine how you could improve your learning as well. If you need official accommodations, you have a right to have these met. There are also a range of resources on campus, including the Academic Success & Tutoring Center.

“This was the first time I took an accounting class and was actually able to feel like I understood it. The group work definitely helped.” - Managerial Accounting student, Spring 2016

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Success Teams

What is a success team?

At the very beginning of our course, all students will be placed in teams of four students. This will form your semester long success team. Each success team will give themselves a name and create a constitution. The constitution will list three rules that all success team members will follow to ensure each members success. The constitution also lists the consequences should a team member not participate according to their self established guidelines.

Each week there is a discussion within your Success Team on an ethical topic related to the chapter. There may also be a continuing problem and/or other exercise assigned. This activity may be completed in the group space provided in Canvas, but answers and the team consensus must be posted in the discussion board where the assignment is located to receive credit.

Why a 'success team?'

Students want to interact. Students learn more, they learn faster, and they learn more in-depth when they are doing it together with their peers. When you can explain something you are working on, you are displaying a deeper understanding of the material. Also, sometimes it is easier to ask peers for help—that is okay! Students are encouraged to ask each other for help!

How does my success team affect my grade?

15% of your overall grade is participation. Of that 15%, 10% is assigned by your success team. You will each grade each other on your contribution to group assigned tasks. The remaining 5% is assigned by your instructor.

“Erica takes her time to ensure that students are grasping concepts and material. She utilizes students working in groups to develop teamwork which is crucial to business majors.” - Managerial Accounting student, Spring 2016

About Your Instructor

Erica L. Beam

Hello! My name is Erica L. Beam. I am very excited to have joined the faculty at Solano Community College - this spring semester is my second semester. I have also been teaching accounting courses at Modesto Junior College in Modesto, CA for three years.

In addition to teaching accounting at Modesto Junior College, I was also a part of the First Time In College (FTIC) committee and taught the course during the summer 2016 semester.

I began my education at Modesto Junior College (MJC) where I earned an AS Degree in Business and an AA Degree in Accounting. I transferred to CSU Stanislaus and completed a BS Degree in Accounting. During my time at MJC I began an internship at a CPA firm. It was at that CPA firm that I became a tax accountant and found a love for accounting!

I took that love for accounting and went to work for the IRS as a Revenue Officer. It wasn’t for me, but I learned a lot! I began the MBA program at CSU Sacramento and found my love for teaching. The rest is history!

On a personal note, I am married with two daughters and live in the Sacramento area. I proudly root for the San Francisco Giants and love all things Disneyland!

Contacting your instructor


You will get the quickest response by sending a message within Canvas or by email, - I try to respond within one school day, usually much sooner.

Office Hours

Dedicated office hours are:

Monday/Wednesday 10:30 am to 12:30 pm

Tuesday 4 - 6 pm

We can chat or meet online, too.

I am here for your success, together we can determine what that means.

Should there be changes to this syllabus, the course schedule, or assignments they will be posted on Canvas.