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November 4, 2022

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TAC Hosts an Enthusiastic Celebration of the 99th Anniversary of the Turkish Republic

The ceremony was opened by these words of the student MCs: ‘Sirs, we will proclaim the Republic tomorrow.’ 99 years have passed since these words were uttered. And we are only one year away from celebrating the centennial of the Turkish Republic. We look forward to this celebration, in the same way that they looked forward to the morning after that night when these words were spoken. In the same way that dry land looks forward to rain to fall. We look forward to seeing better days”.

The 99th anniversary of the proclamation of the Turkish Republic was celebrated with colorful performances prepared by our students with the leadership of the science, mathematics and music departments. The story of our Republic was told through with impressive narrations, and with songs emphasizing the meaning and importance of the day.

We firmly believe in the potential of the Turkish youth, just like Atatürk who describe them as Turkey’s future. Happy 99th anniversary of the Turkish Republic!

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The Success of 11 IB Student

We congratulate Cenk Sağlam, one of our IB students, who, after a successful interview, qualified for participation in the "Change the World MUN Conference" as the only student to represent Turkey among hundreds of delegates, and made the school community proud.

Successfully representing Turkmenistan with the other delegates in his group with his strong collaboration skills, Cenk was awarded the "Honorable Mention" recognition.

He ensured that the draft solution he authored as one of the main sponsors of his own delegation was accepted by the committee with “Yes” votes.

CWMUN Model United Nations Conference is based in Italy and it organizes MUN conferences in different parts of the world such as New York, Abu Dhabi, Singapore and Rome. The conference fees and accommodation of the students who pass the interview are covered by the CWMUN organization.

We thank Cenk for successfully representing our school at an international conference and wish him continued success.

Parent Conference on “Academic Success”

An online parent conference was held for 9th grade parents titled "Academic Success".

The conference highlighted the need for and importance of parental support in the successful performance of this student group, who have now left behind the prep year.

Another part of the presentation where important information about academic success and the duties of families were shared, was the discussion on how parents can maintain their psychological well-being.

In the presentation facilitated by Meryem Öztürk, the school guidance counselor responsible for 9th grade, the parents had the opportunity to share their experience and thoughts.

SEV Schools celebrate their 25th anniversary

Health and Education Foundation (SEV), which oversees the SEV American High Schools and SEV Schools, offering modern, high-quality academic experience of international standards for over 150 years is excited to leave behind quarter of a century of its elementary schools. Established in the same year as the Foundation, SEV Schools celebrate the 25th anniversary of their inauguration this year. Üsküdar SEV, İzmir SEV and Tarsus SEV Schools, which were opened 25 years ago, have been known as one of the most well-established, preeminent primary and middle schools in Turkey with the strength that comes from the longer-established academic tradition of which they are a part. Contributing to the growth of happy children who embody SEV values and who can take firm steps towards their future, SEV continues to work for the development of core skills in the generations of the future, driven by their 25 years of experience. We congratulate our elementary schools and wish them many more successful years.

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The Earth Prize

The Earth Prize is a global $200,000 environmental sustainability competition for students between the ages of 13 and 19 which will reward the teams whose projects have the most potential to address environmental issues.

Through The Earth Prize, students are challenged, mentored, and inspired to effect real change by designing their own environmental sustainability projects, products, organizations or enterprises.

Every participant in The Earth Prize will engage with original bespoke materials and get personalized mentorship from university students. They will also have the opportunity to interact with the world-renowned Ambassadors and showcase their solutions to a global audience.

The winning solution will have real-world impact potential, and the winning team will receive $100,000 (from a $200,000 total prize), to be split between their school and the team members.

In order to participate the competition please review the poster below.

Good luck!

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