Babe Ruth

Yesterdays Homerun does not win todays game

Mini Biography

I was bron Febuary 6, 1895 and died August 16, 1948. I was signed to the Boston Red Sox in July of 1914 and started my career on the 11th of the month. I hit my very first homerun with the Red Sox in my first year of pro baseball. Just about 5 years later I was sold by the Red Sox to the New York Yankees. While I was there I started off as a pitcher then eventually moved to outfield. I than began to start to break records. It felt like to me that every game that I played as a Yankee the stadium just kept getting fuller and fuller. My most famous at bat came in the 1932 world serise when I called my shot in the third game on Charlie Root, and what do you know I blasted the ball out of the park for the first homerun ever to be called where it was going to be hit. The farthest homerunn that I had hit in my career was over 600 ft. Not only on the feild I tore it up with all my homeruns and strike outs but off the feild the team and I would have contest to see who could eat the most I always won. The most that I ever eat at a time was 18 hotdogs and downed a dozen bottle of soda at one time. Unlike other famous baseball players who retaired and move to a famous part of the world I did not I stayed right where I was living at the time. My number was then retired by the New York Yankees on June 13th, 1948 in front of 70,000 fans. His house in Baltimore my house acted as a museum seince 1974.