Josie Edelman

2nd Hour Computer Literacy

Family and Friends

I currently live with my dad, step-mom, and two step-sisters near Buckner, Missouri. My closest friends at the moment are Bayli Malecki, Nicole Overbay, and Tess Kinne.

School Updates

I'm ready for summer. The only reason I'm still coming to school currently is because it's the law and because I like to socialize.

Hobbies and Interests

I really enjoy drawing and travelling. I also like to read, hang out with friends, watch movies, and play video games.


My grades for third quarter were:

  1. Math, B+
  2. P.E., A
  3. Computer Lit, A
  4. Science, A-
  5. Art, A
  6. Social Studies, B+
  7. Ela, A

Upcoming Career Day

I am excited for Career Day and to learn about the different career paths. I remember last year I actually got to sit in and listen to the news reporter, which was interesting.