The Japanese Are Coming!

Internment of the Japanese

After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, President Franklin D. Roosevelt enacted an executive order stating that all Japanese or Japanese American citizens were to report to an interment camp. Each was to take what they could carry on their back and were taken away so fast that they didn't have the time to sell their house or clean them up. The year was 1942 and the United States started to look just like Germany.
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The Media

All around California and Hawaii the Japanese people were being rounded up and placed into the camps. the posters posted around the towns said that the Japanese people were being rounded up for their own good. the people were mad at the race of the Japanese because they had bombed pearl harbor. the american people wanted to her the Japanese people even though they were friends since child hood. The news paper made the Japanese Americans seem like they were a threat so they treated them as so. the Japanese Americans in reaction to what happens used their own form of propaganda to try to change the bias toward them. they put up signs on their shops and they said that they wanted to fight against the imperial Japanese. yet they wouldn't be herd.
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The Biased Opinon

The Immediate reaction to the bombing of Pearl Harbor was, when would they come back. there were thousands of Japanese people in Hawaii and California and almost simultaneously the united states government passed an order to round up the threat that was imposed on U.S. soil. The women and children of Japanese decent were the biggest threat the united states had faced since world war one. They did not hesitate to take the opportunity to put a target on the back of all these U.S. citizens just for the fact that they were Japanese. This cultural bias was not justifiable by any means.
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The Cultural Walls of Discrimination

The number one reason that the Japanese people were taken and put into the internment camps was because they were Japanese. the first generation and second generation Japanese Americans were taken into custody and discriminated on because they were from Japanese decent. because of their history and culture they were taken and put into concentration camps. the united states was no different then Germany with the Jewish people. the Japanese Americans were taken into camps and forced to live in undesirable conditions with minimal accommodations. they were forced to build their own toilets and make their own mattresses.
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The Affect

the internment of the Japanese is and always will be a spot on the the United States policy of "Freedom". the way we handled ourselves after the bombing of Pearl Harbor was Pitiful and disgusting. Out of all the options we had to choose from we chose to not embrace those who wanted to help us, but to take them and imprison them. The United States should be ashamed of what we did and even more ashamed of how we reprimanded those we mistreated after the fact. Some Japanese people had homes on beach front property that was worth millions, and fifty five years after the fact we decided to toss the ten percent that were still living twenty grand cash. This is just embarrassing and pathetic. not many people know of what had happened to the Japanese Americans during World War Two but the people deserve to know how America reacted so poorly.