House Leadership

Charlie Elliott

Speaker Of The House

-Job Description: Choose which members to recognize first, appoints members of some committees, schedules bills for action, refers bills to the proper house committee, and follows the vice president in succession to the presidency.

-Name and Political Party: John Boehner/ republican

Majority Leader

-Job Description: Plan the party's legislative program, steer important bills through the house, and make sure the chairpersons of the many committees finish work on bills important to the party

-Name and Political Party: Eric Cantor/Republican

Majority Whip

-Job Description: Watch how majority party members intend to vote

-Name and Political Party: Kevin McCarthy/Republican

Minority Leader

-Job Description: Represents minority party on the floor

-Name and Political Party: Nancy Pelosi/Democrat

Minority Whip

-Job Description: Watch how minority party members intend to vote

-Name and Political Party: Steny Hoyer/Democratic