Red Ribbon Peace week

Say NO to Drugs!

Our Red Ribbon Peace week will be here soon!

Everyone in the community is welcome to participate in the Red Ribbon Week !
Purpose for this is for each student to prevent the use of drugs and to make sure they stay away from dangerous things that can harm them self.

Red Ribbon Week

Tuesday, Oct. 21st, 8:30am to Saturday, Oct. 25th, 4:15pm

101 E Union Bower Rd

Irving, TX

Rules : Don't smoke, don't pop pills and don't do cocaine. You will be drug tested!
Punishment : Low grade , write an essay, and no activities can be done for the use of drugs. STOP ! STOP ! STOP! using drugs, keep your system clean and have a healthy life. Say NO to drugs!

Social Activities

Mon: Crazy Hair day
Tue: Where Red
Wed: Nerd Day
Thu: Pj's Day
Fri: Mis-match day