COASTAL PLAINS By: Anthony Tremain

Mrs.Seefeldt's class

Where is it?

The Coastal Plain region of Texas is in the Eastern/Southeastern part of Texas. It touches the Gulf of Mexico.

What's it like?

The vegetation in the Coastal Plains (A.K.A. Gulf Coastal Plains) is much more fruitful than the rest of Texas. While in El Paso you might notice it has a very arid environment, however in Houston one might notice the humidity. The landscape has a very damp nature but every now and then it drys up a bit. It's still Texas so have plenty of things to drink.


What Can You Do Here?

The Coastal Plains open up many more things to do. Of course water sports and fishing but what about the big attractions? Houston football games are an obvious option, however there are also many famous museums including : The Minel Collection.