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Welcome Back Rattlers!

Hello! It's your favorite librarian, Ms. Holladay!! The first two weeks have been bustling with numerous visits to Magnolia Library! From chromebook distribution, textbook and class novel check outs, and general chats about all things books, the Library is bursting at the seams with excitement.

This year, Magnolia Library will be open throughout the entire school day from 8:45am - 3:15pm Monday through Friday and are now open for more library aide positions. Collaboration with Core teachers has also been happening behind the scenes. Look for more news coming soon!

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After taking over the library last year, it is quite obvious that non-fiction needs a major overhaul. The average copyright date in our non-fiction section is 1993. This is quite a disservice to our growing students with curious minds. It no longer serves our students to have non-fiction books with yellowed pages, dated narratives about historical figures, musty tellings of mythology, and memoirs from the 70s and 80s.

By bringing in graphic novel versions of historical biographies and mythology, some true survival stories, and young reader edition memoirs, my students will see a more contemporary and poignant value in non-fiction books.

Mythology and survival stories, biographies and memoirs of historical and contemporary figures all support our curriculum and learning objectives. In our school, we cover ancient civilizations, medieval times, and our colonial heritage in social studies. Our english department introduces stories of youth navigating life during a war in Inside Out and Back Again and Diary of Anne Frank.

With your support, these prospective additions to our non-fiction collection will help bridge the importance of history and how another's experience can have a great impact on our today. By using a format that draws them in and featuring modern public figures, the library can adapt and connect with the students in new ways.