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Jesus Chavez


The book is based on a true story. The events happening in the book are about a young English teacher who encourages her students to love education and to value themselves as a person. She shows them a good path in life. All of the students are at-risk of failing but she helps them and teaches them life lessons throughout the book.

Most Memorable Thing

The most memorable thing I learned from this book would be when the students started to realize a lot more things about their life when they spoke with one of the survivors from one of the camps. Another one would be in the beginning when Eva is speaking with her father telling him how strong she is. It shows a father-daughter connection when it is just the two of them.

Most Important Word

I believe the most important word from the book is Respect. Everyone has their own problems, their is also people in the class who are part of a gang. Everyone must give each other respect in order to be respected. It's a big part of the entire book, showing how each student starts to change and becoming family towards the end.

Most Important Phrase

"Nobody cares what I do. Why should I bother coming to school." This is the important phrase because almost all of the students had a similar story. They were all freshman and they all had the idea that school was not for them. The story is based mostly on the students and their stories. Also, with he teacher because she shows them to love school and shows them that having an education can help turn there life around.

Most Important Quote

*This Quote Is Long But I Really Like It*

"Why should I give my respect to you? Because you're a teacher? I don't know you. How do I know you're not a liar standing up there? How do I know your not a bad person standing up there? I'm not just gonna give you my respect because you're called a teacher."

This is the most important important quote because in the beginning the student show how much hate they have towards Ms. G. I like this quote because it is true . We don't know almost anything about teachers, I will only open up to a teacher if they open up to me. No one can be trusted at this school. I had an experience here, and by the next day that teacher made it into a big problem. That is how you know not to trust any teacher.


1. Why did the author not continue more about everyones story and how they all reflect from it?

2. Was Ms. G ever scared of teaching the students?

3. Did Ms. G ever have the idea of quitting after only being at the school for a couple days?


I would recommend this book to EVERYONE. It is a book which I feel a lot of people can connect to. It shows the lives of several students who go from living a life of crime, gangs, killing to a life in which they can all get an education and be their own person. It is an emotional story overall, watching the students one by one realizing that their is more to life and that life can offer them a chance to change. As the book says, "Toast for Change."


Inclusive: containing all.

Credo: system of basic beliefs or principles .

Tolerance: willingness to recognize and respect the belief or practices of others.