Ulysses S. Grant

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Mr. Grant was an important historical figure.

If Ulysses did not exist, we might not have won the war against slavery, we might not have a good 18th president, and we might still have slavery.

Originally, S. Grant was a solider in the Civil War.

Although, General McClellan was fired by Lincoln, because he almost jeopardized the war.

Once McClellan was fired, Lincoln promoted Ulysses to the general position, because he was a friend and had the correct qualifications.

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Ulysses loved his Cigars

Frequently Asked Questions

When and Where did Ulysses live?

Who was his family?

How did he end the war?

What were his political beliefs?

How many terms of presidency did he serve, what years?

Any important documents?

Ulysses When and Where.

He lived in the Ciivil War era and his lifespan was 1822-1885.

As a child, he lived at "Point Pleasant, Ohio, United States.

As an adult, he lived at "Witton, New York, United States.

Documents by Mr. Grant

His first book was "Paper", it was a book about his Civil War experience.

His deathbed book was "Personal Memoirs" it was about his life story.


Mr. Grant married a lovely woman named, Julia B. Dent. Ulysses Grant and Julia Grant had 4 kids. Their names are; Fredrick Dent, Ulysses Simpson, Ellen Wrenshall, and Jesse Root.

Ending The War

The Civil War officially ended May 9th 1865. Mr. Grant was the man that helped to end it. He lead many battles and was a leader to all Union fighters. Then one day, at Appomattox, Court House, General Lee of the Confederacy came and surrendered the war to the Union.


Ulysses S. Grant Served two terms for President; 4 years. (1868-1872,1872-1876)

Political Beliefs

Party: Republican

President: Yes

General: Yes

Participated in politics: Yes

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Six Degrees Of Seperation

Ulysses was hired by Abraham Lincoln, Abe was the Union President and he Knew the confederate President Jefferson Davis. Jeff hired a general named Robert E. Lee and Rob surrendered to Grant. Abe and George Washington were both presidents. Ulysses is 1 degree from Abe, 2 degree from Jeff, 3 degrees from Robert/ 1 degree, and 2 degree from George.
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