Daily Life on the Oregon Trail

The journey to Oregon

Who were the pioneers?

The pioneers were people traveling to Oregon. They also were the first people to settle in North American terrains. Even thought many pioneers travled to the new frontier for a lot of different reasons, they all wanted to start a new life or begin a new adventure. Many pioneers wre farmers. They wanted to go to Oregon for the free and fertile land for their crops. Other people came to the frontier because they had heard stories hat made the new land sound like a magical place. Some pioneers also came to Oregon for the gold or animals to hunt. Whatever the reason, Oregon was the best place to go for the pioneers.

Was pioneer life easy or hard?

Everyday life for the pioneers was very hard and dangerous back then. When pioneers traveled the Oregon Trail, there were many dangers such as sicknesses, starvation, mud, dust, and bad weather. It was very hard for the pioneers to travel to Oregon because wagon trains could be separated, attacked, and tipped over. Problems slowed the wagon train even more when events like this occurred.

Did pioneer children have toys and things like we do today?

Pioneer children did not have thins like we do today. They didn't have video games, phones, laptops, and daily electronics we use now. All pioneer children had were little toys, but they were not as nice as the ones we see in the store. Usually, toys were made of worn out cloth, corn husks, and other old materials sitting around the house. Store bought toys were very exspensive because they came from far away places. If you were a pioneer kid, you'd be lucky to even have a doll or stuffed animal.

What were homes made out of and where did pioneers live? Did pioneers have jobs?

Homes for the pioneers were usually made of dirt, wood, bark, and sometimes grass lived on the roof of the house. There were also log cabins t the time, but they took a long time to make. The pioneers usually live in Oregon, their new home, after traveling the Oregon Trail. It was a very exhausting trip. Pioneers needed to earn money, too, so they did have jobs.