Help Wanted

Man or Woman for President

Job Requirements

We are seeking a responsible individual for this job. Here are some of the requirements:

-Must be at least 35 years old

-Must have been born a United States citizen

-Must have received a college education

Duties, Roles, and Responsibilities

As stated before, we are seeking a responsible individual. Here are some things you will need to do:

-You will be the chief executive. This makes you in charge of the 15 cabinet departments as well as over three million federal employees. Being the chief executive allows you to use executive order, which is a command that has the power of a law, but no congressional approval.

-You will be the chief diplomat. This means that you will direct the foreign policy, bettering our relations with other countries. You will have the power to make executive agreements, or treaty-like agreements with other countries that do not need congressional approval.

-You will be the commander in chief. This makes you in charge of US military forces such as the army, navy, air force, marines, and Coast Guard. Additionally, only you have the power to order soldiers in to battle.

-You will be the legislative leader. This puts you in a position where you will sign bills in to law. You will also give an annual State of the Union Address to congress, and this will outline the Legislative Agenda.

-You will be the head of state. This is a more ceremonial role, and it requires you to represent the United States at special occasions and ceremonies.

-You will be the economic leader. This means that you will deal with multiple economic issues, such as unemployment, inflation and high taxes. You will also have the power to manage the budget of the federal government, though it does need to be approved by Congress.

-You will serve as the party leader. You will lead whatever political party you are from, allowing you to elect the party's national chairperson and help raise funds for the party.

Compensation and Benefits

Because there is a large work load for this job, there are also some benefits:

-You will make $400,000 dollars a year, and will be given extra money for expenses and travel.

-You will have access to Camp David, a wonderful vacation home.

-You will have access to various cars, helicopters, and planes. I guess you could say that you'll be looking FLY!