Life in Shakespeare's England

By Kitty Meredith

what people wore!

women usually wore a loose gown over something called a kirtle: an all in one outer petticoat . black clothes were only worn on special occasions because black dye was really expensive.
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what men wore!

men normally wore linen shirts with ruffs around the sleeves and around the collar and men wore a snug fitting jacket called a doublet. Boys, could you imagine wearing ruffs to school? ;)
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what they ate!

Foods included corn bread, boiled eggs, puddings, stewed fruits, fresh fruits if available, soups, pies, and fish.

The rich would eat really well, but the poor would eat really badly: often just bread and vegetables. You couldn't buy lots of food at once like we can today because you couldn't store it.

where the people lived!

they would live in tall narrow houses built from wood and loads of stone. chimneys were becoming popular in the small homes back in those days
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The wealthy would go to the theatre to watch performers like hypnotists and ventriloquist and they would also watch cricket and live music!

The poor people sadly watched the other criminals hang for their entertainment


The rich people would Fence, horse ride and hunt (poor foxes!). Fencing is fighting with bendy metal swords so they wouldn't hurt each other.
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could you imagine living in Victorian England?

Thanks for listening
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