March 7-Get Whitt It!

Enjoy your BREAK!! Come back safe and happy and ready to close this bad boy out!

Last week's smore... hmmmm.

I had this long waxing eloquent section on how much I appreciate you and your flexibility last week, with having Joe in and getting through the checkpoint, and all kinds of touchy feely words.

I don't know where it went.

Know that all those things are true. You're doing great things, and we aren't done yet!!!

College week

College week was great!

Morgan's Musings

March 26th: SAGE Care Workshop! K-2 ONLY

Please sign up for your desired rotation time in the workshop. If you choose a time outside of your PACK time, please make sure you attend the rotation with your class.

We only have room for 4 classes at a time to be in the gym, so check and see if the time has already been chosen for 4 classes. If so, you will need to choose a new time.

Sign up for your time here.

PACK on March 26th ALL GRADES:)

There will be no PE on March 26th due to this workshop being held in the gym. If your class has PE that day: one class will go to library instead, the other will go to computers. This is up to the teachers, so please decide amongst yourselves who goes where. :) Jasmine will be staying in the gym to assist with the workshop.

Notes from Patricia & Patty

Kinder Round Up is coming on 4/11/2019. Teachers, if you have a student to enroll for KG, please see me asap to get the paperwork completed.

Please have all your grades in for Term 3 by 5:00 on 3/8/2019. Report Cards for Term 3 go home on Thursday 3/21/2019.

Enjoy your well earned break!!

Counselor's Corner

Thank you all for making college week awesome. Enjoy your break. Rest, relax, repeat :)

Shout outs!

  • THANK YOU for the yummy sandwiches for Whitt Wolves Eat last week!! Everything was extremely tasty! Love getting to enjoy good food with all y'all!
  • Autumn, Harley, and Kristi P. for working so hard, being flexible, and tackling challenges head-on!
  • Renee for also being flexible and SUCH a team player!
  • Denise for clearing all those books out for the PTA luncheon!!
  • Mirella for being willing to brave the extreme and DRAMATIC conditions of the morning car rider line!
  • 2nd grade and Kristi Williams for giving Cogat effortlessly!!

It's Almost Here!!!!!!!!!

Big picture

Calendar Comings


8 Get outta here FAST and enjoy your break!


18 GT Assessments begin...


20 Wear jeans for the first day of spring!

21 PTA General Meeting, Kinder program

22 Student Celebrations

25 school board meeting

26 SAGE Care Workshop; AT out ESC

27 Spring Pictures

27 PLC and Team Lead Meeting @ 2:45

28 MP out ESC



5 Wolf Howl

8 EOY MAP Begins for 3rd and 4th

9 STAAR Writing

11 Kinder Roundup 4-7pm

16 Tiffany Leech's Baby Shower! 3pm

16 PTA General Meeting; First Grade Program

17 Team Lead Meeting 2:45; Day of Gratitude

18 Kinder Field Trip

19 No School!

22 No School!

23 AT out morning ESC; MP out afternoon ESC

25 MP out AP Meeting

26 GT Assessments end; Leadership Retreat