Coal Cons

Why Coal should not be used

WHY is Coal considered a horrible resource to use?

Coal is helpful to burn things, but it infects our environment. Here are a few pinpoints to support the topic.

-Coal can cause mining accidents.

-Coal can cause Global Warming to speed up.

-Coal pollutes the chemicals that are hazardous to our health.

-Coal costs a lot of money so it can be shipped.

-Coal is a MAJOR polluting resource.

WHERE has Coal affected people?

In Centralia, Pennsylvania USA, a fire started in one of the coal mines, the mines were known for having tons of coal lying around inside, the fire was enormous because it caught all the coal inside, it is still burning today. Several people were killed being trapped inside. Coal is an amazing resource for fire, but it is also is very deadly. Only 10 people are living there today.