FEBRUARY 22nd-26th


Leigh Ann went to the Explore! liaisons last week. To see the presentation, click on this link. Additionally, members of the Explore! team held student focus groups about how to get students excited about Explore! Here is what students said:

  • Individual marketing in classrooms with teachers showing a video and highlighting classes
  • School magazines, newspapers, TV shows advertise Explore!
  • School assembly on Explore! Have student ambassadors lead the assembly with the liaison
  • Phone calls home
  • Direct mailing
  • Social media
  • Get the teachers to talk about it and take time in class to enroll
  • Canvas Explore! module for all students
  • Recommend classes based on interest to students directly
  • Be in-depth and talk about all the classes being offered. Students don’t know all the new offerings and assume it is the “same old summer school.”

Kim's Clips...

Does the 4-day workweek seem twice as long as the 5-day workweek?

Thank you for calling upon Wes and I this week to provide support for the increased "well....that's new" opportunities this week. I am also aware of the layers of support you provide to each other as you call upon each other regularly to discuss situations and solutions. The level of trust you have within and for each other is a strength to our Westport Team!

As we continue in the 3rd quarter grind I am becoming more and more aware fo the importance of accentuating the positive. There is a different mindset between the questions of "What's broken/not working?" and "What's working right now?" The first is a problem-seeking and problem-focus mindset, which carries an automatic negative connotation. This is a natural human reaction and emotion that bad is stronger than good. As leaders, I'm inviting you to be better than the instinctive reaction, avoiding the problem focus and have a solution focus instead. A key question (from the book Switch) to ask yourself may be "What is the ration of time I spend solving problems to the time I spend scaling successes?" These bright spots should be what you are working toward systemically.

Kindergarten Registration

Thursday, Feb. 25th, 10am-12pm

415 South Golden Avenue

Springfield, MO


Mrs Terry's second and third grade students participated a KAHOOT survey to show what they knew regarding device care.

Mrs. Redman's 5th Grade class is using Google Docs to research animals and create posters!

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2016 SPS Title 1 Math Contest was a success!

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Calendar of this weeks Events

Monday 22 - Shopping Day

Tuesday 23rd - SLT Tech Tools 11:00 KAC

Tuesday 23rd - Staff Meeting in Library (bring devices)

Wednesday 24th - Future Wildcat Story Time – Library

Thursday 25 - Kindergarten Enrollment (8 a.m. - Noon)

Thanks to Mrs. Toomey and Mrs. Effland for putting out the signs.

Thoughts from Wes...

I Remember When…

teachers had only thirty minutes of planning time four days a week – music and P.E.; each twice a week. Classroom teachers were required to teach a 25 minute follow-up P.E. lesson on non-P.E. days during one of our two recesses. Art teachers would come to the classroom once every 6 – 8 weeks, but teachers were required to stay in the room. There were no school libraries or librarians. I make a trek to the Curriculum Center, which was housed next to Central High School, once a month to check out a big wooden crate of books so students would have books to read in my classroom. Computers? No such thing back then.

Thought for the Week:

Education is not a product: mark, diploma, job, money – in that order; it is a process, a never ending one. - Bel Kaufman 1967

New Westport PRIDE signs have arrived and will be mounted in hallways soon!

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