Mustang Weekly

Week of May 4th

"So much of starting a business of affecting change is the confidence and courage to simply try." - Simon Sinek

I can't tell you enough how proud I am of our learners and educators for their work in our 1st/2nd Clusters & Showcase!

Austin Educators are "A-Listers!"

Our PTO has a very special Teacher Appreciation Week in store for us! See below for a preview of what to expect. Also, please pass along your appreciation to the PTO for the time put into making this special for us!

Austin Staff and Teachers – it is time to celebrate YOU! Next week you will get the celebrity treatment you all deserve. Here are a few things you will want to make note of.

Movie Star Monday Breakfast will be provided in the staff lounge beginning at 7:15 a.m.. Stop on by and grab a bite to eat or refill your coffee. Zenzero Bakery is donating some blockbuster cinnamon rolls and there will be bagels, muffins, juice and coffee. Don’t be surprised if you see some stars in your rooms for your walk of fame.

Tinsel Town TuesdayStudents will be re-stocking your snack and drink stashes so you can motor on for the remainder of the school year. McAllister’s Deli is providing refreshing ice tea and cookies for a special treat in the staff lounge.

Puttin’ on the Ritz WednesdayHalf way through the week and a catered lunch by Zoës Kitchen will be provided by your PTO. Lunch will be ready by 10:20 in the staff lounge.

Swag Bag ThursdayMany businesses have provided gift cards and services to be raffled off. Mr. Hilton will be raffling off some great prizes during the announcements Thursday morning. A cookie break will be provided by the PTO and Frost Cupcakery in the staff lounge.

Flower FridayStudents will be bringing flowers and room Moms will be providing a vase for them. A special way to end the week.

Also, look for some “Fan Mail” by your PTO groupies in your mailboxes throughout the week.


Thank You Volunteers!

Our Annual Volunteer Breakfast is one week from Monday. Below is some information from May on how we can all help out. Please think back on your year and include all the volunteers that have served (E-Time, Guest Readers, Chaperones, Office Help, etc).

Volunteer Breakfast Information:

When: Monday, May 11 @7:30 am

Where: Austin Library

Things to do:

(1) Send invitations to your classroom parent volunteers that have helped you out throughout the year! I will put about 6 invitations in each of your mailboxes tomorrow. I am also attaching the file in case you need additional copies.

(2) STARS! I have die-cut stars for your kiddoes to decorate, and/or write thank you notes. I will put about 20 (uncounted) into your mailbox. Please have your learners decorate them and once you have completed them, please feel free to place them in my mailbox! I would love to have these by Friday, May 8th! I will need to decorate the library on Monday morning as we set up for breakfast! We will place the stars on the tables and counters!

(3) Bring a Breakfast item for our breakfast for volunteers on Monday, May 11th. Please plan to arrive early enough to bring it to the library in the morning as our volunteers (guests) will be arriving by 7:30! I will post a sign-up sheet outside of Cooper’s office, (the other door to the lounge), so that we know what everyone will bring! If you think of something else that is needed please feel free to add it to my list!


EOY Assessments

We are currently in the middle of the window for EOY assessments. Here are a few important dates.

  • EOY MAP - all learners - window closes 5/22
  • EOY Literacy - 5/22
  • All EOY data in AWARE - 5/27

Learning Design

Educator iPads

I have some exciting news to share! To provide an additional tool for learning design and professional learning, the district will be providing educator iPads to all remaining professional educators! This includes K-3, Librarian, Specials, SpEd, Literacy, Dyslexia Specialists.

More information will be coming from Nancy Garvey, but the plan is to have them to you within the next several weeks.

Morning Announcements

Class - Nutt

Life Principle - Patience

Quote - "Have patience. All things are difficulty before they become easy." - Saddi

Healthy Tip - If you watch a lot of TV in the evenings, try doing jumping jacks or stretches during the commercial breaks. Even a little bit of exercise will help you build a healthier body.

Week At A Glance...


  • 7:30 - Geocache Brown Bag (& Field Trip)
  • Teacher Appreciation Week Begins! (Breakfast)
  • Book Fair Begins


  • Diana Saylak on campus for math input.
  • TOY Banquet - Good Luck Brittney!


  • Nurse Appreciation Day
  • Teacher Appreciation Lunch
  • 3:30 Faculty Meeting (Cafeteria)


  • 4th Grade Field Trip
  • 5:30 Kinder Round-Up
  • 6:30 Spring Picnic (all staff attend)


  • Mustang Mutual
  • E-Time
  • 2:00 Kinder Mother's Day Celebration
  • Have a great day!

Looking Ahead...

  • 5/11 - Volunteer Breakfast / PTO Appreciation Dinner
  • 5/12 - 3rd Grade Field Trip / 5th Reading Retakes (STAAR)
  • 5/13 - FedEx / CISD Night @ Ballpark
  • 5/14 - E-Time / Blended Crew Meets / 2nd Grade Musical
  • 5/15 - Field Day

If you're still reading... Feel free to wear jeans and an Austin/CISD shirt this week in honor of Teacher Appreciation!