Articles of the Constitution

By: Michaela Johnson

Little- Article I

The first article is made up of the Legislative branch of government. The legislative branch is made up of Congress, which is the House of Representative and the Senate. They are the law making body of the government. This section is also the largest section of the constitutions.
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Ewoks- Article II

The second article is made up of the Executive branch of government. The executive branch is made up of the President, Vice-President, and the advisers. This section names the presidents powers. Some of the duties for the president are Commander in Chief of the armed forces and state militias, and the right to make treaties with consent of the Senate.

Jump- Article III

The third article is made up of the judicial branch of government. The judicial branch of the government is the Supreme Court. The supreme court interprets the laws, they hold trails for ambassadors, public officials, and individual states. This article also states the penalty for treason.
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Spectacularly- Article IV

The fourth article is about state relationships. All states have to honor other states and respect and honor ¨public arts, records, and judicial proceedings of the other states. This section also talks about how a new state can be admitted into the union.

Away- Article V

The fifth article is about how the constitutions can be amended. There are two different ways the constitution can be amended. The first way is the bill must be passed by two thirds of the House of Representatives and Senate. Then three fourths of the states have to approve the bill no matter what.

(from) Sally- Article VI

The sixth article states that the constitution is the ¨supreme law¨. All judges are bound to follow the constitution. All government officials must swear an oath to the constitution, which makes them have to uphold it.
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Rally- Article VII

The seventh article is about the steps that have to take place to ratify the constitution. Once nine states have ratified the bill, it becomes a law in those nine states.