Raphael Sanzio

A Legendary Artist


Raphael was born April 6, 1483 in Urbino, Italy. He spent most of his life moving around Italy. He also worked for a man named Pietro Perguio. He lived the lifestyle of a painter and architect. He created paintings and buildings such as "Transfiguration" and "The Chigi Chapel". His patrons were Meddici, and Pope Jullius the second.

His Work

The name of this piece is "Self Portait" and was created in 1509. You might see this piece in New York. Something significant about this piece is how it was painted. IT is oil on poplar which is not to common in art. I find this piece interesting because of how it was painted, oil on poplar because i have never heard of that before. This piece demonstrates humanism because of how it displays the emotionless face of Raphael.