Looking back on my Life...

Kayla Crouch


I wanna dedicate this project to all the people who have been a part of my life. All the ones that are still here, and all the ones that will never be again. They have taught me how to love, trust, overcome obstacles, stand up for myself, and fight for whats right. They've showed me love, hate, anger, taught me right from wrong, and raised me right. I thank everyone who has at some point been in my life. I love you all.

"Daughters" John Mayer (4:07)

I chose this song as an introduction because neither of my parents have played the parent roll in my life and right now, as I'm starting a new chapter and growing up I feel like it is now that I need them the most. I agree with the statement " a child needs their parents to show them how to love" because emotionally I am not prepared to love someone because they've not loved me. Even though neither of them have done their part, I love them both and will always want that relationship with them.
John Mayer- Daughters Lyrics

"Here Comes the Sun" Beatles (3:06)

I just love the Beatles.
The Beatles - Here Comes the Sun (Lyrics)

"Photograph" Nickelback (4:21)

Pictures are truly worth a thousand words. I take so many pictures just so that I will one day be able to look back and remember my younger years and share the memories with my future family.
Nickelback Photograph With Lyrics

"True Friend" Hannah Montana

I wanna dedicate this song to my very best friend, Brooke Chester. Not only has she supported me in every decision I've made, she has helped me get up after falling flat on my face.

Locked Away- Adam

Just because Adam Levine is my favorite.
Locked Away Lyrics - R City ft. Adam Levine

"All Things Go" Nicki Minaj (4:20)

One of the very few songs by Nicki Minaj that I listen to but also happens to be in my top 5 favorite songs.
Nicki Minaj - All Things Go Lyrics

"Hooked on a feeling" Blue Swede (3:15)

I choose to have this song on my sound track because it relaxes me. I love this kind of music.
Blue Swede - Hooked On A Feeling

"Love Your Memory" Miranda Lambert (3:50)

When I find myself missing you its usually late at night and this song helps me realize I don't miss you I actually miss your memory. The things that we once had, not the way I left you. "Your intentions weren't all bad", but they weren't good for me. Memories with you are bittersweet. Sweet like a kiss and sharp like a razor blade.
Love Your Memory - Miranda Lambert
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"Dancing in the Dark" Rihanna (3:47)

I have a passion for dancing. I didn't realize how much I actually loved it until I got injured and couldn't dance for months. Dance is an art; allowing you to express yourself and lose yourself at the same time.
Charlie XCX-Red Balloon (Home soundtrack)

"Marvin Gaye" Charlie Puth (3:19)

Over the summer I spent 2 weeks in Virginia Beach with one of my really good friends, Chloe Senft, and I swear every time we turned on the radio or music station this song would play. We loved it but we hated it too. We have some great memories to this song.
Charlie Puth - "Marvin Gaye" (feat. Meghan Trainor) [Lyrics On Screen]

"Who I Am" Jessica Andrews (4:05)

Growing up and still I always get told, " You're just like your momma!" and "You look a lot like your daddy!" I guess that's just who I am though, my grandma raised me and my mom, therefore I think that probably has a little something to do with it.
Who I am (Rosemary's Grandaughter) lyrics

"Ready, Set, Don't go" Miley Cyrus (3:48)

Growing up is going to be bittersweet. I am so excited to get my life started but at the same time I am so scared to start the next chapter of my life on my own.
Ready, Set, Don't Go ft. Miley Cyrus Lyrics